The Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year
takes place on Monday, February 8, 2016 at 9:40am EST (6:40am PST). During this lunar cycle we become more aware of our outdated lives and look to revive it through knowledge and original experiences. Innovation and breaking free from the norm is more important than our habitual nature.
Shake things up
The Aquarius New Moon supports us in finding new perspective and ways to free ourselves from some of the restrictions and limitations. It promotes experimentation and focuses on creating an ideal future. Aquarius removes the barriers that keep us steeped deeply in past patterns. She searches for wisdom through which she can pour her knowledge into the collective mind. During this time, we are drawn to share ideas, look for new solutions, talk about experiences, and brainstorm possibilities. Aquarius dares us to break traditions. It is rebellious and motivates us to work toward the betterment of everyone as we all become empowered and enlightened.
Aquarius the Waterbearer
Aquarius knows that everyone is unique and has an individual part to play in the world. Aquarius is the water-bearer. She pours her knowledge over humanity. As we share experiences, we become a more cohesive society that respects diversity versus demanding conformity. Aquarius expands consciousness and collective efforts. It is unconventional, spirited, and independent. Where can you engage these characteristics into your life? By exploring these types of questions you may awaken the vast potential that is struggling to break free.
Take Risks!
Take bold action during the Aquarius New Moon. Be inspired to support your inner vision. This new moon helps us see the bigger picture and the realm of possibilities. It expands us both on the mental plane and enhances our intuitive abilities.
Aquarius and the 11th House
The 11th House — the House of Friends is the the house where we find strength in numbers. By collaborating with like-minded people we expand our awareness and find answers and innovative solutions. The 11th House brings us allies, and stengthens the collective consciousness. This is the House of hopes and dreams. So dream BIG!
Aquarius and the 6th Chakra
Aquarius rules the Pineal gland — which is part of the 3rd Eye. It helps bring the spiritual and ideal human experience into physical form. Development and support of the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. The Third Eye is the lens through which we see beyond the physical reality. Imbalances in the Third Eye may result in headaches or pressure in the head, eye problems, nighmares, and lack of personal insight. You can learn more about how to balance this chakra at Manifesting Essentials – Chakra Balancing
Aquarius and Essential Oils
Frankincense is an essential oils that supports the pineal gland because it crosses the blood/brain barrier. Also, sandalwood, Melissa, Clary Sage and Roman Chamomile support us in seeing our truth, and enhances our intuition, perceptions, and imagination. When we have an increase in information and insight into our lives, we think and live holistically with nature and enhance our intellectual skills.
Questions to Ponder with the Aquarius New Moon
Am I following my inner wisdom and intuition?
Where can I share my knowledge and wisdom with the world?
How can I collaborate to enhance my purpose or mission?
Take note of recurring messages and synchronicities, as these are clues to follow.
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2016 — Year of the Fire Monkey
The Chinese New Year occurs with the Aquarius New Moon. In 2016, we will be in the Year of the Fire Monkey. Monkeys are witty, intelligent and have magnetic personalities. Chinese New Year is a festival celebrating the new farming season. It was created to honor the growing season, and wishing for a bountiful harvest. It has now evolved to celebrate the start of a new business year and wishing for profits and success.
Expanding Channels
During the Aquarius New Moon and Chinese New Year make a list of what you want to expand and create. The Aquarius energy drives and inspires humanitarian efforts and futuristic goals. Allow it’s Spirit to work through you, creating inventive solutions for your life. Join our community on Sunday, Febuary 7th for a live Aquarius New Moon conference call.