The Capricorn Full Moon
Takes place on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 10:22pm EDT (7:22pm PDT). With the full moon there is typically heightened emotions and raw energy that helps us burst through barriers and see new perspectives. The full moon also provides an opportunity to balance the scales between two opposing signs. With the full moon we are learning the balance the public world of Capricorn with home base of Cancer.
Balance is the full moon theme.
In our humanness we experience life through duality and learn through opposition. This isn’t easy, but it does help us feel compassion for others.
Balance in work.
Capricorn brings forth the characteristics related to how we present ourselves in the world. This includes our career, stability, climbing the ladder, success in the world, responsibility, reputation, accountability, status, and independence. Along with the Capricorn Full Moon, we have Leo in Jupiter until August 12th, giving us an extra push to figure out “how” we want to present ourselves, what we want to be known for, and aligning with what brings us real passion and joy. Capricorn gives us the stable, steady growth to help us get there.
Questions for the Capricorn Full Moon
How do I want to be seen in the world?
What am I passionate about doing?
How can I make work more fun?
Where do I need to be more accountable to myself and others?
What makes me feel successful?
Am I following my dreams?
Cancer nurtures.
The Cancer side of the equation brings in a nurturing influence, reminding us to find balance between work and taking care of ourselves and others. Cancer supports us in caring for ourselves and others, sprucing up the home, and resolving issues related to our family dynamic.
Cancer supports resolving emotional issues.
As a water sign, emotions will be stirred up even further with the Capricorn Full Moon. It’s important to learn to listen to the internal guidance system of our feelings. They are indication of areas in our life we need to address. Avoiding or suppressing emotions leads to addictive behaviors, self abuse, and other forms of self-sabotage. This stops the natural flow of abundance.
Capricorn Full Moon Rituals
Since the full moon is an emotionally heightened time, slow down and identify emotions that are cropping up. The full moon reminds us that people are reflecting issues within us that need attention.
As we approach the Capricorn Full Moon:

  • identify annoying behaviors, emotions, and situations you notice
  • list every possible emotion you feel around people and situations
  • use the Ho’oponopono prayer with each person who brings these emotions to light
  • review or burn your list around the time of the full moon or shortly after
  • envision the smoke going to the heavens releasing unwanted emotions
  • use cleansing breaths or other mindful techniques to release emotions
  • replace the old emotions with what you want to create or have
  • The Capricorn Full Moon enhances our resourcefulness.
    This full moon is also a prime time to review your resources. Traditional perceptions of resources are changing. Be open to new pathways that lead you towards your goals. This could come through expanding your network, nourishing your current network, or releasing rigid beliefs about finite resources. The world expands as we open up to new possibilities. Resources will expand to meet our needs if we believe it. The universe will make more pies, we no longer need to compete to get a slice.

    Be open to expansion and climbing to new heights.
    The Capricorn Full Moon encourages you to reach new pinnacles, stretching beyond what you thought was possible, and expanding your career. The Cancer Sun nurtures and helps us value our home, roots and family. Take time to explore new possibilities and envision a bright future with the Capricorn Full Moon.