We are always being influenced by the planets and their relationship to us. Each of these events are tools to help us shake free of the past and be open to new possibilities. So many people have been talking about the “Cardinal Grand Cross” and how does it affect us?
Of course each of us will be influenced by it differently based upon our individual lives. The planets Mars, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto will be influencing us with the Cardinal Grand Cross. The Cardinal signs in Astrology represent initiatives and moving in new directions.
Jupiter represents growth and expansion. It helps us move towards our authentic self. Uranus helps us let go of anything that keeps us from standing in our power. Both of these powerhouses may shake and rattle our world as changes are brewing. It’s a choice as to how we react to change. For most people change is difficult. We get used to the comfort zone and even if it isn’t supporting us in the long run, it is comfortable.
We can navigate change easier if we face our fears versus feeling victimized. When something occurs that is different from my expectations I say, “Isn’t that interesting?” It helps me release any attachment or feeling victimized – like things are outside of my control.
Also with this Grand Cardinal Cross we have Jupiter, which is represented as the inner-guru and resources. And Pluto which regenerates and empowers us. Overall, these four powerful planets are setting the stage for some major changes.
The big question is, “Are you up for the challenge?” Because whether you’re ready or not, here it comes. With this planetary alignment you have the support to re-invent yourself. Mars helps you rise to the challenge, Jupiter helps you change your story, Pluto helps you tap into deep resources, and Uranus helps you break free from limitations. Be open to receive guidance and support as we enter into this special Cardinal Grand Cross. You may be amazed at where you land as a result!