The Virgo New Moon is supercharged by a solar eclipse.
The solar eclipse intensifies the new moon, and puts our life in high gear. There may be unexpected events that push you forward towards your destiny. So get ready to jump start your life. It occurs on September 13, 2015 at 2:42 am EDT (Sept 12, at 11:42 pm PDT).
Solar Eclipses – Sudden Change
Solar eclipses bring about sudden, unexpected, and profound changes. When the sun, moon, and earth are aligned, the solar eclipse can act like a portal allowing more magnetic energy to enter. This in turn can reboot our consciousness and bring about big changes that push us forward in unimaginable ways.
Solar Eclipse and Virgo
The solar eclipse magnifies the characteristics of Virgo. Themes around healthcare, particularly natural healing will be the dominant focus with the earthy Virgo energy. Where can you manage your health more effectively with energy medicine, homeopathy, herbs, or essential oils? All of these tools assist with reawakening to the wisdom of the earth and everything it can do to help you heal.
Purification and Virgo
The simplistic perceptions of Virgo help you get back to the basics. This includes purifying the body and mind so you achieve greater alignment with your higher-self. This can be done through detoxing the system physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Virgo helps us cut out poor habits and helps you realign with better ones. What habits are you willing to let go? What habits do you want to create? Virgo also has an interest in cleaning up the earth, relieving it of pollutants, and creating greater sustainability. Where can you do your part, being more efficient, and living more cleanly and simply?
Jupiter opposing Neptune
This super new moon is also flanked by Jupiter opposing Neptune. Both of these planets encourage you to dream big. Are you asking big questions? What big possibilities seem so remote that you often discount them? This super new moon will be boosted with the support of Jupiter (desire for meaning) and Neptune (desire for oneness). Both of these planets along with Virgo push us to search for “spiritual service.” What spiritual role do you play? This Virgo new moon may bring about interesting insights for you.
Quest for Authenticity
Along with purification, Virgo pushes us to be authentic. It helps us unmask and remove illusion. Uranus is also demanding that we live with more truth, with greater depth, and a higher degree of authenticity. Wow, that’s a lot to swallow! Virgo cuts to the heart of the matter and strips away the fluff. It frees you to live from your higher-self versus the humanness. So ask yourself, “Show me my truth.” Be willing to see and understand how you participate to your current results and what changes you can make to ensure you reach your goals.
FREE monthly New Moon calls.
Each new moon is a time of new beginnings, planting intentions, and starting new projects. There is typically a sense of calmness with the new moon as the sun and moon are in the same astrological sign. Each new moon takes on a unique flare and characteristics as it moves through the astrological signs. During our monthly manifesting call we talk about how to work with the characteristics of each cycle and how that helps you attract what you want.
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    Create healthy habits, be inventive, and observant with the Virgo Supercharged New Moon and solar eclipse!