The year begins with a bang with the supercharged Capricorn New Moon. The Solar Eclipse heightens this New Moon by helping you see and release old patterns and programs that hold you back from your divine path. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business to make big things happen this year.

Capricorn New Moon
The Capricorn New Moon takes place on January 5, 2019 at 8:29 pm ET (5:29 pm PT). Capricorn is an earth sign which leads to practical activities that move your goals forward. Capricorn helps you in restructuring your thoughts and behaviors so you create something different.  This is why we are often inspired at the first of the year to begin new routines. Capricorn also supports you in deciding how to organize yourself.

Capricorn takes you to higher levels of self-mastery. It causes you to take an honest look at yourself and determine what’s working and what limitations are holding you back. It helps you follow new rules, so you get different results. Capricorn is the archetype of the Divine Masculine. It is your inner authority and power. Where do you need to reclaim or stand more fully in your power? With this New Moon being a Solar Eclipse there is a huge opportunity to see yourself in a different light.

The solar eclipse is highlighting the parts of your life that need to change so you fully move forward. You may notice patterns entrenched in the past or collective consciousness beliefs that you no longer relate to. Are you ready to pull the plug from them?

Release these old patterns and programming, and replace it by focusing on the frequency you want to embrace in the New Year! It’s a great year to focus on balancing the Divine Masculine (Capricorn) and the Divine Feminine (Cancer) as we will be going through a series of eclipses with these two energies dynamically dancing together.

New Year, New You
As we begin the New Year, the big question you want to ask yourself is what vibe do I want to be projecting in 2019? Is it a vibration of adventure? Compassion? Love? How do you want to show up in 2019?

This Supercharged New Moon in Capricorn is going to set the stage for the next 18 months. There are five planets in Capricorn, as well as the south node of the moon. The planets in Capricorn with the New Moon are the sun (outward expression), moon (inner emotions), Pluto (mastering self-control, stuff below the surface, purging, creative destruction, death/rebirth), Saturn (ruler of Capricorn – restrictions, limitations, boundaries, commitments, self-control), Mercury (communication,  ideas, coordination) and finally, the South Node – which brings up insecurities, past programming, and perceived limitations that need to be resolved so you move forward.

Tools to Support the Capricorn New Moon
Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others.

Frankincense – This little gem physically supports brain health, cellular regeneration, and DNA function. Frankincense helps release deep seated ancestral issues since those patterns are part of your DNA. This includes issues around money, relationships, and health. Frankincense supports spiritual development and strengthens your Divine Masculine side, as well as enhancing your connection to your Creator. It strengthens your ability to stand in your power and be authentic.

Other Essential Oils
Lavender supports the nervous system, sandalwood is grounding and supports your spiritual development, opening you up to higher realms of connection with your Divinity, and clary sage helps balance hormone levels. Siberian and Douglas Fir help resolve negative ancestral patterns that limit your personal growth. You can learn more about these and other essential oils to help you during the Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oil call right after the Capricorn New Moon call.

Joy Journal – Finding joy when surrounded by fear, uncertainty and chaos is one of the most powerful ways to keep your vibe high. Create a list of things that bring you joy, then do things off the list everyday. You can do things that are free or that cost you money – either way you’re actively choosing joy. Being in joy helps you attract more joy. What will be on your joy list?

Journal Prompts
Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas. During the new moon journal “as if” your goals have already been achieved. It’s a very powerful tool to engage the imagination and plant seeds in the subconscious. People that visualize themselves achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them. Visualize yourself making the sell, getting the job, building healthy relationships, being fit and healthy, or whatever your goals are for the new moon.

FREE monthly New Moon Masterclass
Each month we offer additional insights into the new moon with a live masterclass. During the masterclass you’ll learn how to work with the new moon energy, attune with the natural lunar rhythms, and finish up the masterclass with a guided imagery meditation to magnetize your new moon intentions. New format for the New Year- the Masterclass is held via Zoom. Register and get the link for the upcoming class.

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During the masterclass and meditation you may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity and open you up for deeper messages from your higher-self. If you can’t make the live call, it will we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.

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Capricorn New Moon Masterclass
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Capricorn New Moon is practical, authoritative and powerful. 

Fine tune your perceptions and personal growth by mastering your inner vibe.

What concrete action will you take to Manifest your dreams with the Capricorn New Moon? What part of your life will you restructure?

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Capricorn New Moon Masterclass