The Cancer Full Moon
The Cancer Full Moon will be an emotionally intense and a highly sensitive time. It takes place on January 12, 2017 at 6:33am EST (3:33am PST). The full moon can make you feel impatient, intense, and restless. It’s an easy time to let tempers flare or feeling the need to strike out. Keep in mind it’s a temporary state that will soon pass, so use tools that help you feel grounded and in control.
How will the Cancer Full Moon affect you?
The Cancer Full Moon is sensitive and influences your desire to create comfort. As a water sign, the Cancer Full Moon will be intensely emotional. Since both Cancer and Capricorn are Cardinal Signs, you may be inspired to take action, move in an unexpected direction, or be pushed outside of your comfort zone. It may just give you the boost you’ve been waiting for to achieve your goals. The full moon signifies a time of endings, finding closure and completion. So what area of your life is being influenced by this full moon? Look at your birth chart with transits and see where the Cancer full moon falls within it. Every ending is some another beginning. So what new cycle is beginning for you?
Cardinal Grand Cross
This full moon is also influenced by a Cardinal Grand cross. Both the Cancer (moon) and Capricorn (sun) are cardinal signs, along with Aries and Libra. It going to be a strong influence that intensifies emotions. You may feel sensitive and vulnerable. Since the full moon is in Cancer it may cause you to be more introverted and interested in creating comfort, stability, and security for yourself and family. Cancer influences empathy and caring for others. So you may also be concerned with the emotional state of the people you love. During this time there are four planets in another water sign – Pisces. Pisces is the most sensitive of the water signs. So between Mars, Neptune, Venus, and Chiron influencing Pisces and the full moon in Cancer, you may be more emotional. Be aware of emotions that are coming up or places you’re feeling more sensitive. This is a highly intuitive and time where you’ll be attuned to other people’s emotions.
Restore Balance
With the watery wonderland influencing you, stay grounded and in tune with your emotions. Cancer is the archetype of the mother and represents emotion and empathy, while Capricorn is the archetype of the father representing stability and progression. There may be childhood wounds surfacing or you may be questioning your parenting skills as we transition through this time. Find tools and exercises that help you stay grounded while still addressing the emotional elements. Myrrh is the oil of Mother Earth and will help you feel more grounded and Frankincense is the oil of the father. It is grounding, stable, and strengthens your inner authority. Use essential oils while writing about these journal prompts to formalize thoughts and emotions that arise.
Other Essential Tools
The sacred essential oils Frankincense and Myrrh are symbolically supportive of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Myrrh is earthy and connects us to the deeply feminine elements of the planet. While Frankincense provides strength, stability, and helping us recognize our truth. White Fir supports in releasing unhealthy family patterns so you are open to more love and trust; and Cedarwood helps us in reconnecting with like-minded people and creating community, feeling a sense of security with the tribe around us.
The New Year and the Full Moon
The Full Moon combined with the New Year is a time to shed anything that no longer serves you. This includes old stories, limitation, labels, perceptions, and emotions. Stop rehashing the past and step into the future and what you really want to create. Let go of the perceptions that defined you in the past. This is a year of living your own truth and attune to your feelings and follow your passions. This full moon (and the year) will really support you in finding your own path and follow your purpose. You may notice an deep internal drive to discover this and follow it.
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Make the most out of the Cancer Full Moon!
Ask yourself these questions:
What action am I inspired to take with the Cancer Full Moon?
What will you release and reclaim with the Cancer Full Moon?
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