The astrological New Year starts out with a bang, as we move into the fiery sign of Aries. It’s time for a fresh start as we embark on another astrological year. This is a time of initiation. The fire signs prompt us to take action. They ignite personal strength and bravery beyond what you thought was possible. They help us launch into new projects, new relationships, and other inspired activities. What do you want to bring forth over as we transition through the next 12 lunar cycles?
When is the Aries New Moon?
The Aries New Moon takes place on March 27, 2017 at 10:57pm ET (7:57pm PT).
There are massive fire influences taking place with the Aries new moon. We have the sun, moon, Venus, Mercury, and Uranus all in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. These planetary influences are forcing us to take a hard look at “Who am I?” “What do I want?” “What is my truth?” They are provoking us get moving and take action! They may push your self-starting, entrepreneur, and creative buttons, as they guide you towards following some deep-seated seed within you. It’s a very primal, courageous, and enthusiastic energy.
Aries the Spiritual Warrior
As the spiritual warrior, Aries inspires you to be the innovative pioneer and follow your truth. It takes great strength, courage, and bravery to break free of social norms, expectations of others, and the status quo to follow your inner guru. But who knows better than you what’s right for you! What message is your inner warrior trying to get out? What is this new moon “initiating” for you?
What does your birth chart say?
One of the best ways to maximize the new moon energy is to review your birth chart to find out what area the Aries New Moon in influencing for you. Is it in your 10th House of career and accomplishments? Is it in your 5th House of creativity, play and romance. For me it falls in my 9th House of aspiring towards higher consciousness. My chart also has Jupiter in this House, which is all about innovative ideas, and pioneering new ventures. This is so true about me. Everything I do is beyond what most people are even looking at. I’m always on the cusp of innovation. So I will be focusing my attention on setting goals that support these elements of my chart.
Power versus vulnerability – the warrior versus the dreamer.
There is a natural polarity taking place between fire and water. Offsetting the many planets in Aries we have Chiron (the wounded warrior) and Neptune in Pisces. These two powerhouses are helping us draw out deep healing based on clearing out the karma and life experiences related to the imbalanced of the masculine/feminine inequality we have been seeing for ummm… thousands of year! It’s about time, right? The polarity between these two signs is very symbolic, and helps us recognize the difference between the masculine and feminine elements in society and our own lives. Through our awareness we are able to find where we contribute to these power struggles. We can then choose to find balance by bringing in the values of the divine feminine of nurturing, compassion, and collaboration. By each of us doing our part, we break down the old masculine paradigm of powerful external authority and turn inward bringing forth a shift towards equality.
Inspiration through Aries
Aries inspires us to live with a greater sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. It helps us break through the superficial reality and understand ourselves on a deeper level.
Mercury is in Aries and will also be retrograde during April. Mercury is the planet of communication and the mind. With Uranus already in Aries, this could be an amazing time, sparking brilliant new ideas and insight. This combination may help you have extraordinary vision about yourself and your path. Mercury in Aries is inviting us to think before we blurt out something that may be difficult to retract. So pause before making and demands or claims.
Aries and the 1st Chakra – the root chakra.
Aries rules the 1st chakra – the root chakra. This energy center is located at the base of your torso. It is responsible for helping you learn how to survive. This includes learning from and interacting with your tribe or family. Within the family you absorb the strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, superstitions, and fears of the family. Imbalances in the first chakra show up physically as the lack of energy, vitality, and nutritional deficiency. Also issues related to a compromised immune system and lower spine issues may arise as a person my feel their life is threatened, in danger of survival, or a lack of support (spine). Using essential oils such as frankincense, cypress, sandalwood, Juniper berry, and white fir will help you strengthen your roots, feel grounded, and support you in breaking through incorrect beliefs.
Want to learn more about using essential oils?

Join our Good Vibe Oil Tribe call and Facebook group. It will be held right after the Aries New Moon call. We talk about essential oils that will inspire you to take action and reclaim your power. They also help you manage moods, emotions, energy and balancing your chakras.

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Just like the tulips and daffodils bursting through the ground, allow your passion and creativity to erupt from within. This will help you follow your soul’s desires and create the life you want. It may be the “year” that you break through your fears and create a wildly abundant life.
Happy Aries New Moon! Set BIG intentions for the Cosmic New Year!
What will you manifest with Aries?
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