The Full Moon
The full moon highlights polarities within your life. It takes place when the Sun and Moon are opposite of each other. It may show up between your emotions and personality; work versus your personal life, or other areas such as relationships and your personal desires. Wherever it is showing up for you, it’s a more emotional time, and influenced by external triggers. With the full moon you may see imbalances in relationships, and see where you have given your power away. The full moon provides insight into hidden barriers that hold you back from moving forward. When you are mindful of what you are feeling, and work through it in the moment, you can overcome these limitations and progress. The full moon provides unique insight into solutions and heightens your intuition to help you see the next step. As you discover the message of the full moon, you can use it to reclaim your personal power and move forward towards your goals.
The Pisces Full Moon
The Pisces Full Moon takes place on September 6, 2017 at 3:02 am EDT (12:02 am PDT). Pisces drives you deep into the hidden aspects of your psyche. As a water sign, Pisces brings emotional wounds to the surface that need attention. This full moon may reveal deep secrets, deceptions, and scandals. It’s good to trust your gut instincts and seek the truth in any matters that feel not as they seem. The Pisces full moon may also bring to light issues that are holding you back, and you may be seeing progress towards your goals. Pisces reminds you to honor and trust your intuition, and to use your emotional strength to overcome challenges that may arise. Pisces is dreamy, mystical, and healing. It’s a good time to visualize yourself as being “whole-istic” and beaming of unconditional love. Tune into your sensitivity, what do you feel? What is being awakened? Allow emotions to rise up, and soften them with you attention.
The Pisces – Virgo Emphasis
With the moon is Pisces (water), the sun is in Virgo (earth). This combination provides a grounded approach to healing emotional wounds. Pisces draws from compassion, sensitivity, and heightened intuition to help you overcome difficulties. On the other axis, Virgo provides a grounded, stable energy rooted in health and overall well-being. Connect deeply with nature to heal and resolve emotional wounds. Take time to meditate, engage your imagination, and create a magic vessel from which you can draw from for upcoming projects. Virgo helps you in regrounding yourself and reconnecting with the sacredness of the planet. Be grateful for the sun, moon, earth, and stars – soaking up this deeply feminine, soothing energy. The balance here is between healing physical energy (Virgo) and spiritual healing (Pisces). Spend time in nature, recognizing the abundance of nature that surrounds you. Bring nature indoors with plants, essential oils, and other earth elements to support you.
Mercury Direct!
Mercury will be moving out of its retrograde period just a few hours prior to the full moon. Mercury is the planet of communication. It supports you in expressing yourself and honoring your voice. With the full moon, you may be more inspired to speak your truth, voice your opinions, or assert yourself in new ways. Be mindful of your words, the full moon is an intensely emotional energy that may trigger emotional outburst that may be hurtful. Temper you communication by thinking about the message you want to convey, using the full moon to support clarifying your message.
Pisces Full Moon Essential Oils
With emotions flying high, this is a good full moon to tap into tree oils and other earth oils to help you feel more grounded. Think about trees – they grow slowly, and provide stable, steady growth. A great blend for the Pisces Full Moon is doTERRA’s Balance Blend. This combines four tree oils – Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Ho Wood essential oils. Place a drop or two in your hands and breathe it in deeply, apply to the bottom of your feet to help you connect your roots to the earth. Some of my other favorite oils for the Pisces full moon are Vetiver and Myrrh. Both of these essential oils have a deep, grounding affect on your body. I often use them on the bottom of my feet before going to bed to inspire deeper and more restful sleep. Are you looking to enhance your intuition? Using essential oils such as Roman Chamomile, Sandalwood, and Frankincense will help you connect more deeply with your higher-self.
Use the Pisces Full Moon to help you tune into your sensitive side. What is being awakened or brought to your awareness? What emotions are still lurking deep within you? Tune into your inner body to manage the transitions as you connect more deeply with your soul’s desires.
What are you willing to reclaim with the Full Moon?