We’re on the cusp of major cosmic shifts!

Are you ready to make the most of it?

Solstice – December 2020

The Sun and Mercury move into Capricorn at the same time that Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius. Aspicious? All of these planets at zero degrees are expressing a theme of newness!

Jupiter and Saturn launch us into a new 200 year cycle! For the past 200 years, Jupiter and Saturn have met up in Earth signs, now they will be uniting in Air signs – helping shift our focus to helping humanity heal.

There is s strong sense of newness and a feeling of a new moon with these shifts taking place.  Mercury in Capricorn with Sun are making BIG announcements! This could be you making some sort of public declaration or message the you broadcast in a public way. It could be changes in your career that take you to the next step or other transitions you’re ready to make.

Holy Days
December 26 – January 6

As we embark on a New Year and new cycle with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, it’s the perfect opportunity to use the Holy Days to set your intentions.

To make the most of the Holy Days, beginning on December 26th, spend time setting your intentions with each of the solar months. It can be as simple as drawing an oracle card or going inward and intuiting a word for the month to set the tone for the coming year.

You may notice recurring themes or patterns that come up with the cards you choose. This process supports you as you move into the New Year and manifest all your desires.

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