Capicorn Full Moon
As an earth sign, Capricorn inspires you to revel in the beauty of the earth. Plant a garden. Get out in nature. Play in the sun! The Capricorn Full Moon takes place on June 28, 2018 at 12:52am

EDT (June 27th at 9:52pm PDT). The full moon is the peak of the cycle. It is a time where you see the fruits of your labor. The full moon reveals secrets and past patterns that are ready to be resolved so you easily move forward. Strong feeling may be surfacing as you are pushed to break free of the old patterning and restructuring your inner authority.

Polarity – Capricorn & Cancer
Each full moon represents polarity and finding balace between opposition. The moon in Capricorn reminds you to be gentle and kind with yourself and others. There is a balance between releasing the internal pressure to accomplish (Capricorn) and when to nurture yourself (Cancer). It’s a time to look at where authority is too ridged and stiffling you, and where it can be softened. Sometimes that is an inner journey of letting go of expectations and easing dealines. Although Capricorn is very good at pushing to get things done, this full moon also helps you re-evaluate your home, family, and sense of security (Cancer) to balance what you want to do and how you want to present yourself in the world (Capricorn).

The full moon is conjunct Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Both Saturn and Capricorn are interested in creating structure. This includes how you organize your time, energy, money, and other resources. It supports you in reorganizing your resources and space to be more efficient, by streamlining projects, and getting rid of you no longer need. This Full Moon and Saturn may be harsh in the fact that you may be rehashing the past and what you haven’t done or the “should haves and could haves.” Instead of reliving the past, focus on what you want to create. Capricorn brings in focus. Supports you in creating new habits or accomplishing new goals. It begins with practice and leads to mastery. So think of something you want to restructure in your life and begin practicing how to get there. Where do you want to discipline yourself to work harder? Focus on your new goals and set the steps in place to get you there. Look at internal and external structures around you. What structures are filled with beauty and work for you, and reflect on what structures are outdated and you can leave behind.

Power Versus Force
The Capricorn Full Moon helps you look at power differently. People often think of power as force. However, true power is about discipline, hard work, and seeing power as energy running through you from your higher-self. The old perception of power is actually “force.” In the past we have equated power with the ability to control the resources around us. But this is actually force, that stems from a belief in scarcity, that there is a limited supply. True power is eternal and comes from the abundant energy that flows through us. With this full moon notice the use of force that you or others are using to control resources. How can you shift your perspective to look at power differently? Accomplishing anything comes down to doing everything within your power, and then releasing it to the Universe to support the next level. As you do this, the ego begins to soften, you become more relaxed, and embrace the process. Which ultimatly leads to living from your inner authority and becoming your authentic self. You begin to walk a little taller, feel more confident, and create whatever you want through your focus and hardwork.

Release and Reclaim!
The full moon presents an opportunity to release what no longer serves you. The Capricorn Full Moon helps you see the truth of a situation, the truth of yourself, or others. It helps you dive deep into the hidden aspects of yourself. As you release the old, you create a space to reclaim your personal power, and purify your energy. My favorite essential oil picks for the Capricorn Full Moon include Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Lavender. What essential oils are you drawn to with the Capricorn Full Moon? How are they supporting what is coming up for you?

Full Moon Rituals
What helps you feel more balanced? With the earthy Capricorn energy, spend time in nature. Get connected to the earth. Engage in activities such as hiking, mindful breathing, visualizations where you connect with the core of Mother Earth. These activities will help you be more grounded and enhance your ability to navigate the heightened emotional elements of the full moon.
Spend time writing about emotions or situations are arising or being highlighted. Use these journal prompts to inspire you. Focus on what is working in your life, and how you envision enhancing it by acting as if it has already taken place. Express gratitude for what you want now by using the prompt, “I am so grateful that I now have ________.” An attitude of gratitude will raise your vibration and help you attract more.

Consistent Message
The full moon is a powerful time to shed whatever is false and integrating new truths. When you lean into the process it helps you let go of lower vibrating energies and allow more light to flow through you. As such, you will be a beacon of light for others who are awakening. Be patient with yourself through the process, and go with the flow.

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What are you willing to release with the Capricorn Full Moon?
What power are you reclaiming?