Emotions run high with the Virgo Full Moon.  This full moon is a supermoon meaning the moon will be closesr to the earth. As such the gravitational pull between the moon and earth will be more intense, pulling on your emotional state and psyche. Each Full Moon illuminates areas of your life where you’re unaware of emotions, behaviors and beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving and receiving more. The full moon reflects insight into what needs to be resolved if you’re willing to listen. The Virgo Full Moon is about physical (Virgo) and emotional (Pisces) renovation.

Virgo Super Full Moon
The earthy Virgo energy is bringing in change on a physical level. It’s a dynamic full moon with seven planets in earth signs. Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn are in Capricorn. Uranus and Venus are in Taurus, and the moon is in Virgo. All of these planets are playing a part in bringing your strengths and talents to the surface. The Virgo Full Moon takes place on March 9, 2020 at 1:47 pm ET (10:47 am PT).

Virgo brings in pratical steps and necessary routines that help you run your everyday life – what you eat, how you take care of your physical body, and where you’re overextended. It helps you declutter your physical and emotional health. This is a great time to assess your personal health and self-care routines. This full moon is action oriented and helping you get things moving in a very practical way. It’s a great time to declutter your home and prepare for spring.

Renovate Your Mind & Body
The Virgo/Pisces axis reminds you to find balance between taking care of yourself (Virgo Moon) and helping others (Pisces Sun). As an earth sign, Virgo is methodical, efficient and organized.  It helps you reconnect with your priorities. It’s a time to tune into your physical body and ask, “What do I need?” How am I taking care of myself? Do I need more activity? Eat better? Sleep more/less? Virgo helps you get the routines down so everything runs like clockwork.

The Sun in Pisces is helping you renovate your mind and emotional body. Your spring cleaning may involved dejunking your thoughts and being more mindful. Observe your self-talk, is it boosting you up? Your thoughts are magnetic and are the foundation for manifesting more. It’s easy to run on autopilot and allow the endless self-sabotaging thoughts to run your life. This is a  good time to stop the criticism cycle by consciously replacing these thoughts with one’s that focus on your dreams, your strengths or positive affirmations. This is a great full moon to declutter your emotional body too. Do emotional release work with journaling, yoga, get body work done, do a juice cleanse, go on a retreat, or anything that shakes you out of the normal routine and resets your system to aligned with higher frequencies.

Manifesting Magic – Mars & Jupiter
The influence of Mars and Jupiter in Capricorn is excellent for manifesting. Capricorn is one of the best signs for manifesting. Mars is inspiring you to take action while Jupiter is bringing in luck and new possibilities. This conjunction that happens on March 20th is a special date for manifesting your heart’s desires. Although Mars and Jupiter connect about every two years, it’s in a different astrology sign each time. The last time Mars and Jupiter were in Capricorn was 1984. With these two connecting on March 20th, it’s a good time to think about what you really want to manifest. These two planets in Capricorn will help make it a reality. Find out where these planets are influencing you by pulling your astrology birthchart and determine what astrology House they fall in for you. It will help you in setting your intentions to align with the characteristics of the specific House they are moving through.

Uranus and Venus in Taurus are bringing about sudden changes related to your work and love. There may be a sense of blurring the lines of work being related to something you really love. Since both of these are in Taurus there may be a strong desire to review finances and create an action plan towards your financial goals. Since Taurus is related to the senses, you may feel inspired to not only declutter your home, but make changes by rearranging the furniture or purchasing new items make your space more aesthetically pleasing. The conjunction may also help you feel more aligned with your purpose, giving you direction and insight in the next step.

Neptune and the Sun in Pisces heightens your intuition and sensitivities.  It’s giving new perspective about yourself and your spiritual practice. Neptune is the planet of the spiritual growth, observation, daydreaming, and fantasy. It brings to light areas of your life that you may need to dream bigger, and fantasize about the life you really want to create. With Neptune in Pisces there may be questions related to the spiritual programming you were raised with, and letting go of anything that no longer serves you. It’s helping you align with Universal truth. Take note of repeating messages as these are most likely coming from your higher-self. Neptune enhances the dreamy quality of Pisces, perhaps helping you see new ways of being. Pay attention to your dreams and the clues on how to bring them into reality.You may experience glimpses of your purpose or ideas that move you closer to what brings you joy. Review your birth chart with transits to see what House Pisces is located so you attune these energies to support you.

As we close out the astrology year and prepare for the new one, think about three things you want to take with you into the New Year and three things you want to leave behind. This can be specific lessons you’ve learned, emotions you no longer want, parts of you that you want to expand, ideas and inspiration you’re still working on, etc. Be creative and allow yourself time to dream about something magnificent.

What will you do Release with the Virgo Full Moon?

What parts of you or power will you Reclaim?

Happy Virgo Full Moon!