Libra New Moon
We finish up September with a new moon. The moon officially moves into Libra on Friday September 30, 2016 8:11pm EDT (5:11pm PDT). Libra enhances our relationships – not just romantic ones, but ALL relationships. This energy is about finding balance, fairness, and justice. Listen for the key words in the media and situations around you.
Renewed Relationships
The Libra new moon helps us find balance and seek clarity within our relationships. Libra promotes peace and harmony by bringing in elements of diplomacy and idealism. This doesn’t mean we are giving in. It means we are willing to truly listen to the perspectives of others. This helps us not only fortify relationships, but also to expand our perceptions and beliefs. When we are open to different perspectives we grow, become more hospitable and reflective, as well as potentially breakthrough to a bigger reality.
Libra and the 7th House – The House of Partnership
With this House we shift our focus from ourselves to relating and cooperating with others in hopes of achieving more than with our individual contributions. None of us have all of the answers. When we join together to collectively work towards a higher good, new ideas blossom, creativity is inspired, and we expand collectively. This House inspires us to work towards the common good. Within this House we find business partnerships, marriage, contracts, negotiations, agreements, and legalities.
Libra and the Heart Chakra (High heart – Thymus)
The heart chakra supports us in our ability to connect with life. It is the seat of compassion. The thymus gland is located to the right of the physical heart in the center of the chest, between the heart and throat, just above the sternum. This chakra enhances compassion, truth, and forgiveness. It is the seat of Divine love – emphasizing selflessness and spiritual love. During our human development, the thymus gland is one of the earliest glands that is created. It supports our immune function and stores the originally patterning of our DNA. Gently tapping on the chest will stimulate and clear emotional blockages.
Imbalances in the Heart Chakra
Imbalances within this energy center may show up as chest pains, heart issues, lung congestion, blood pressure imbalances, circulatory issues, thymus gland issues, and immune deficiencies. The primary fear associated with the heart is being unloved or unlovable. Grief is the primary emotion associated with the heart.
Restoring Balance
– Essential oils are a powerful source that support opening the heart and helping us restore love and trust within ourselves and others. Two of my favorite oils for the heart are ylang ylang and geranium.
– Yoga poses: such as camel pose, cobra, eagle, triangle pose, and cat/cow poses help open restrictive energy within the heart and restore flow. Use essential oils over the heart prior to yoga.
– Heart-centered meditation: Nothing is more powerful than focusing on love and expanding the vibration. Envision something or someone you love in front of you and expand that feeling throughout your body.
Journal with the Libra New Moon
Restore balance and create clarity by journaling.
– Gratitude Journal: spend time writing about all the things you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude within your body.
– Forgiveness Journaling: One of the most powerful practices we can adopt is that of forgiving ourselves and others. It only hurts you to hold onto resentments, lowering your frequency and ability to attract what you want. Write a letter to someone you need to forgive. Tell them how you feel and either send it to them or burn it will help shift the energy and relieve the emotional wounds.
– Joy list: Make a list of things that bring you joy. Then every few days do something off your list to help your ego/mind see that you “in-joying” life.
FREE monthly New Moon Conference Call
Each month we offer insight into the new moon, how to work with its energy and end the call with a guided imagery meditation to help set your intentions. Join us!
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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.
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With the Libra New Moon reflect on existing relationships and find new ways to enhance your collaborative efforts. Together we achieve more! Join us on Thursday.