The Aries Full Moon arrives with a fiery glow.
This is a good time to focus on yourself, honoring your personal power, and follow your passions. This is a great time to get moving on any projects you may have been dragging out. You’ll feel more productive and efficient, helping you get past personal blocks and limitations. You may feel more focused and be able to take expansive action.
The Aries Full Moon
The full moon takes place on October 16, 2016 at 12:23am EDT (Oct 15th at 9:23pm PDT). This full moon is intensified because it is also a super moon – which means the moon will be closer to the earth, making it appear to be larger and brighter than normal. Emotions may be heightened, causing things to heat up. Find tools to help you restore balance and manage the energy versus getting swept away by it.
Balancing Aries (moon) and Libra (sun)
With the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries there is the need to find balance between being assertive (Aries) and peacefulness (Libra). Aries is the warrior. The Aries moon reminds us to have a healthy place of self-love so we can be authentic and stand in our power. At this time, there may be big breakthroughs and personal growth. There could be opportunities to break free of past patterns and have new ideas and mental clarity that help you move in a better direction, enhance your personal life, or reclaim your power. It’s also important to take care of yourself, so you have the resources to help others. It’s a good time to evaluate goals set six months ago with the Aries New Moon. What have you accomplished? Where have you made progress? Opposite of the full moon, the sun is in Libra. Libra supports us in finding balance between our personal needs and other people’s needs. Where are you being selfish versus considering other’s in a particular situation? How can you look at issues that arise from another person’s perspective versus just yours?
Evolving with the Full Moon
The full moon is a time where we are full of emotion. Since it is also a super moon, emotions may be heightened even more. Super moons have a strong influence and intensify the earth’s gravitational field, influencing the ocean tides, which also pulls on us as well. Full moons are a culmination, a time of completion, and also provide closure. The full moon reveals something, such as the truth of a situation, a change in perceptions, your own emotions and unconscious limitations. It brings to light things that were not that obvious to you. This in turn can cause you to change direction or at least have a better understanding of the situation or yourself.
With the full moon, emotions are more intense and people tend to push our buttons. As a result we are triggered by the external elements that need to be resolved. Feeling judgmental about others? Look within yourself to determine where those issues need to be healed within you. Since Aries is a fire sign, learn how to harness the heat to burn through issues that are hiding in your psyche. Use this full moon to help you heal emotional wounds and overcome limitations that hold you back.
Managing the Aries Full Moon
Each full moon has it’s own special characteristics. Some may be more intense, while other ones we seem to breeze right through. With this full moon, look to see where it falls in your birth chart. For me it falls in the 9th House, which reminds me to acknowledge the wisdom I’ve gained, to be willing to take a big leap of faith, and make sure I’m open to having more fun and supporting my adventurous side.
Here are some tips for harnessing the super-charged Aries Full Moon:
1) Be bold and take action
As the warrior, Aries reminds us to reclaim our personal power. Aries encourages us to put ourselves out there. She is also the ram, so you may need to charge forward to get your ideas out there. What are you here to contribute? As you figure this out, Aries helps promote you!
2) Restore innocence
Since Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, this is a great full moon to write a letter to someone who has wronged you or whom you feel contention with. This can be something that is personal to you and doesn’t need to be shared. On the day of the actual full moon you can use this exercise in a ceremony of releasing the emotions and replacing them with emotions or patterns you want.
3) Burn something
No, I’m not promoting becoming a pyromaniac. But since Aries is a fire sign this is a great full moon to utilize the fire energy. Fire destroys but it also purifies. For the full moon make a list of what you want to release or use the letter in suggestion 2 and burn it. Create a “safe” fire ceremony that is symbolic for you. I like to add a few herbs to the fire as I’m burning my list such as sage to purify and then follow up with some sweet grass to bring back sweetness.
4) Essential Oils
Using essential oils to balance your body is a powerful tool to support the physical and emotional body. With the Aries energy find oils that help you feel passionate, inspired, and help you take bold action. Oils in the spice family such as cinnamon and clove inspire passion, blend those oils with citrus oils such as lime and wild orange stimulate creativity and give you a zest for life. You can also feel more grounded and stable by using tree oils such as Juniper berry and frankincense.
Honor yourself with the Aries Full Moon
With every full moon, take time to honor yourself, and reclaim your power.
Each step you take brings you closer towards reaching your goals and supporting your purpose.
Enjoy the Aries Full Moon!