Rare Christmas Full Moon
The last Christmas full moon occured in 1977 and the next happens in 2034. With the emphasis on family, emotions and relationships, this Cancer Full Moon should be an interesting one.
Cancer ruled by the moon.
The Cancer Full Moon happens on December 25, 2015 at 6:11am EST (3:11am PST). Cancer reminds us to focus on emotions, intimate relationships, nurturing ourselves and others, family, and honoring our intuition. What a perfect gift for the holiday season. What helps you feel nourished and nurtured? This deeply feminie energy brings characteristics of compassion, safety, and creating a cozy home.
Cancer is symbolized as the mother.
She is nurturing and protective, gentle and kind. It’s a good time to look at your role as a parent or how you were parented. This full moon may stir up childhood wounds. Listen to what is coming up. As we tend to the unique needs of our inner child, we can unwind the emotional wounds. With the full moon these are often reflected as emotions and behaviors of others that irritate us.
Cancer ruled by the moon.
The moon has a special relationship with Cancer since it is the ruling planet. The moon represents our unconscious, emotions, and hidden aspects. She illuminates fears and emotions with each full moon, but this one will be especially potent. Strengthening our home foundation by tuning into our feelings and subtle synchronicities will strengthen our infrastructure. This rich emotional moon helps deepen our intuition and feminine characteristics, helping us navigate our life’s path.
Cancer opposite Capricorn.
With all full moons, there are two opposing forces influencing us. This duality creates a tug-of-war that may result in confusion and conflict. In this case we have the sign of Cancer (feeling, compassion) opposite of Capricorn (structure, authority, career). Cancer represents the feminine and mother, while Capricorn represents the masculine and father. Where are you seeing power struggles in your life? What can you do to balance your masculine and feminine energies?
Full Moon Release.
With the full moon release the old baggage and prepare for the New Year. Are you finally ready to let go of emotional wounds? This full moon would be a great one to work with. The depths of her compassion and love will support even the most painful memories. Create a ritual that supports the release work. Maybe you’re noticing emotions or painful memories. Write a message to someone or everyone you haven’t forgiven. It doesn’t need to be something you give to them. Express how it made you feel and replace the old emotions with what you want. You can burn the message as a symbolic means of release, allowing the smoke to carry your desires into the cosmos. By letting go of the past, you make room for something new to emerge.
Other Essential Tools.
The sacred essential oils frankincense and Myrrh are symbolically supportive of the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Myrrh is earthy and connects us to the deeply feminine elements of the planet. While frankincense provides strength and stability, helping us recognize our truth or the truth of our situation. Ylang ylang and geranium oils support a heavy heart, and strengthening our ability to trust again.
Honor yourself.
With the full moon, all kinds of stuff gets brought to the surface. It isn’t punishment or a reason to feel victimized. It’s an opportunity to release and resolve hidden aspects of yourself. Take note of what emotions are surfacing. Use journaling to get to the heart of how you feel. Use essential oils to support and release the old stuff, so you’re ready for the next step.
Closing Out the Year.
With year-end quickly approaching, this full moon reminds us to nurture our dreams and desires. Use this Cancer Full Moon to seed the coming year with goals that supports your physical and emotional needs. Determine what helps you feel secure so the stage is set for a successful New Year. Be sensitive to your needs, and foster relationships that support you.

Happy Holidays and
Cheers to an Amazing New Year!