New Beginnings
The Leo New Moon and partial solar eclipse is fun, creative, and connects you to your inner child. It’s a powerful time to reset and uplevel your heart’s desires. It’s a good cycle to lighten up your heart by forgiving, forgetting, and moving forward.

The Leo New Moon & Solar Eclipse
The solar eclipse intensifies this new moon, bringing heightened awareness to wherever you’re setting your intentions. Find out which astrological house the new moon is falling in for you, so you can be focused and prepared for this abundantly positive cycle. It takes place on August 11, 2018 at 5:58 am EDT (2:5 8am PDT).

Play Time
The Leo New Moon calls upon your inner child to be more playful and look at the world with childlike wonder. What did you love to do as a child, and how can you integrate that into your life now? This new moon helps you release expectations, and be less rigid, to inspire your creativity and bring your talents out from the shadows. Leo inspires self-expression, courage, and sharing whatever you’re passionate about. The solar eclipse is helping you break free of old patterns. Something from your past is being eclipsed so you make different choices or see things from new perspective. This may show up in you shifting patterns or the way you behave, think, or feel. Just be aware of how you are reacting or what may feel different.

Heart Centered
The Sun rules Leo, and Leo rules the heart. It’s about living heart-centered, in he present moment, and being compassionate. Do you feel like you’re living from your head? Mindfully shift to living from your heart by breathing in and out from the center of your heart. This practice strengthen your physiology as well as your energetic body. It’s time to get still, be present, and listen to your inner voice. This new moon supports you in tuning into the eternal soul light being you are – to light your destiny. Things can really start fresh with this new moon.

Slow down and go with the flow
There are big internal shifts taking place with so many planets in retrograde positions at this time – Mercury, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn, as well as the asteroid Chiron. With so many planets retrograde, it’s wise to pull inwards before moving outward. Slow down, take time to mindfully breathe, and you’ll be in a better place to address challenges and abrupt changes as they pop up.

Your Inner Voice
With Mercury conjunct the sun and moon there is a strong pull to listen to your intuition. Mercury, the planet of communication being retrograde is helping you tune inward, trusting your gut senses, and having faith things are working out. Again, review your birth chart with transits to see what astrology house this is falling in for you so you know how to best utilize it.

Balancing the Fire Energy
So how do you balance your energy and raise your vibe? Spend time in nature! Connecting with the natural elements helps you disconnect from lower frequencies, and helps you connect with higher frequencies so you attract more abundance to you. Meditate under the stars, take your pet for a walk, or hike in the mountains. It will help you clear your thoughts and enhance your ability to connect within. It’s not always easy to connect with nature if you live in a big city, however you can bring elements of nature to your space. Add potted plants to your home, listen to nature sounds on YouTube, or get a desktop fountain. Another one of my favorite tools from nature is essential oils.

Essential oils are extracts of plants taken from the bark, twigs, flowers, roots, seeds, and other parts of plants. They have been used for thousands of years for their medicinal qualities. Because we cannot patent nature, synthesized versions of plants have been created by pharmaceutical companies in an effort to mimic nature. However, our bodies don’t recognize the chemistry of drugs, which in turn causes reactions within the body that show up as side effects. Our bodies know what they need, and when we give it tools to restore balance, our bodies can heal. Getting in touch with nature helps you get in tune with your inner nature. it inspires creativity and helps you get in touch with your own ideas and inner guidance. What essential oils are you drawn to with the Leo New Moon?

Exercise helps mitigate the intensity of planets in fire signs. Exercise increases endorphines in your brain, which make you feel better about yourself and inspired about your life. Exercise also increases oxygen levels in your body, which helps you quickly release toxins and feel more energized. Exercising in nature, such as walking, jogging, hiking, or swimming will open you up to more abundance – whether it’s having an abundance of time, energy, more inspiration, more resources, or more money. Exercise helps you feel better, releases pent up energy, and connect more deeply with yourself.

Simple Retreat
With the Leo new moon take quiet time for yourself. When you’re overly busy there isn’t room to connect with your inner world. Create time to honor and tune into your heart-centered desires. Find what brings you joy and happiness and begin to wrap your life around it. When you choose to be busy (and trust me I have done this well), feelings such as worry, anxiety, and fears end up running the process. When you connect with your inner world, you become more creative and inspired. You may find new solutions to issues you’ve been facing. Until you disconnect with the outer world and “retreat” into the inner world, you’ll continue on the same path and get the same results. Since this new moon falls on a weekend, be inspired to create a mini retreat for yourself that is all about you! It provides a responsible investment in yourself and your future.

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You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.

With the Leo New Moon there is an abundance of support, empowering you to follow your true nature. It is helping stand in your power.

What will you reclaim?