Personal Number 3:

A numerology personal year number 3 brings more creativity and inspiration.

This is the year for self-expression, inspiration, imagination,and deep emotional feelings. Creative expression can be expressed through the arts, your own artistic endeavors and/or a public association with the arts.

It is possible add color and warmth to many levels of living. Be artistic. Express yourself joyfully. Now is the time to follow those inspirational and imaginative ideas you are so excited about. Follow your desire for self-improvement; the year is rich with opportunities for inner growth.

This year brings increased activity. Enthusiasm is abundant. You may desire to do more entertaining this year, as well as accept more social invitations. Remember to take time off to enjoy yourself.

Make new friends. Listen to new kinds of music. Spend time with nature. Volunteer your time for worthy causes. All these can provide satisfaction and joy.

Allow your abundance of cheer and optimism to guide you. If you find yourself going in too many directions at once, consult your true inner excitement to see which directions are likely to provide the most joy.

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