The Virgo Full Moon
reminds us to create practical routines and develop daily action towards our goals. It takes place on February, 22, 2016 at 1:20pm EST (10:20am PST). Virgo’s instinct is to put plans into action in a way that makes sense. It supports us in taking a disciplined approach to everything we do.
Virgo – Pisces Axis
The balance between these two signs is between the physical (Virgo) and emotional (Pisces). Virgo is an earth sign and supports interests in our health, diet, exercise, and other habits that support us physically. Pisces is a water sign and supports our emotional needs. It brings to the surface unrecognized strengths, fears, and limiting beliefs.
Spring Cleaning Comes Early
The Virgo Full Moon encourages us to start our internal spring cleaning. Our priorities and goals are brought to the surface as we have been dissolving old patterns and ideas that were inspired by the Aquarius New Moon a few weeks ago. Our sense of self is transitioning as we release the hardened perceptions and see a different perspective. Virgo leans towards looking at the logical side of things, so until the fog clears, allow various possibilities of the new you to emerge. Allow your inner light to guide and direct you as you may feel a bit out of character.
Balancing Emotions
The Full Moon is a highly charged, emotional time. Look at other people and what they are reflecting to you. Are you getting agitated over a particular habit someone has? What emotion is it evoking within you? Take a look at how you may act or create a similar reaction in others. The Full Moon is like a mirror. Whatever is outside of us stirring up emotions is probably something you need to resolve within.
Take time to journal what your feel. Then release your emotions, habits, or beliefs to the sun or burn the list allowing the smoke to remove the emotions or behavior. Once released, replace the emotions with what you want to feel. For example, you have low self-worth. Write down, I feel unworthy, or maybe there are specific incidents that cause you to feel that way. Then focus your attention on letting go of feeling unworthy. As you release it, envision the sun filling you up with confidence, feeling worthy and deserving. Each day notice when you feel worthy or something happens to boost your confidence.
New Routines
With the Virgo Full Moon, create routines and habits that get results. What helps you release emotional wound? This is a great full moon to develop the daily habits to keep you on track. Use yoga, breath work, meditation, essential oils, energy, work, massage, reflexology, accupuncture, spending time in nature or anything else that you’ll stick with. These practical habits are what is necessary to keep our healing work on track.
Full Moon Release – DNA Activation
It’s been over a year since I stopped the monthly Full Moon Release classes. I’ve been listening to your requests to have the full moon calls again. So you’re getting your wish. I’m incorporating the Full Moon Release work with the DNA Activation into a monthly call. On Sunday, February 21, 2016 I will launch this program and provide an overview of the program. My goal is to provide information to help you heal deep-seated emotional wounds, so you raise your vibration and attract more of the good stuff you want. I provide innovative solutions to help people recognize and release their emotional wounds, as well as DNA related issues created by their ancestors emotional wounds. All of these issues affect our ability to manifest or create what we want. Click HERE to learn more about the Full Moon Release – DNA Monthly Activation. Join us Sunday.