The Scorpio Full Moon is passionate, deeply emotional, and potentially reveals hidden secrets. Each full moon is the climax of the lunar cycle. It is the culmination of your efforts, closure, or seeing the fruits of your labor. During the full moon, the polarity between the sun and moon may cause deep emotions to surface, creative bursts, or unexpected events to happen.

Scorpio Full Moon takes place on April 29, 2018 at 8:58pm EDT (5:58pm PDT).
Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs. Scorpio likes to keep things hidden – such as fear, survival issues, and anxiety around survival. It is deeply intuitive, helping you identify fears that are surfacing, and how to overcome them. Issues related to creating security may be triggered. Security is an inward journey, discovering that Mother Earth and your Higher-self are the true sources of security. Find ways to overcome the ego-mind’s desire for outward security such as having a hoarding stuff (even money), by journaling about how you are supported by the Universe – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Each day make mental notes or journal about events of the day that show the ego you are being supported.

The Scorpio Full Moon takes place at 9 degrees. In numerology, the number 9 represents closure. It is the end of a cycle.
What is coming to a completion for you?
Is it a job that you’ve outgrown?
Is it friends or a relationship that no longer supports you?
The energy of this closure may be intense and emotional. There may be a desire to hold onto the past because the situation or relationship was comfortable. To understand what’s coming to a close, review what was taking place in your life with the Leo Full Moon and Lunar eclipse at the end of January 2018. What new steps are being revealed now? Embrace uncertainty. Let go of the past. Honor yourself by stepping into the new you. What new opportunities are beginning to emerge?

Any full moon is a personal test in finding balance between opposing astrology signs. With the moon in Scorpio, the sun is in Taurus. Taurus accumulates the luxuries and necessities of life, while Scorpio reminds you to purge and detoxify what no longer serves you. Think about what you’re ready to let go of for the two weeks following the Scorpio Full Moon. The full moon reflects what is ready to be released. Observe situations and people around you, and how they push your buttons. Notice what is being triggered and be prepared to say goodbye to it for good! Scorpio helps you transform the old patterns and lessons into wisdom to share with others.

Personal Strategy
Working with astrology gives you an edge in understanding yourself better. Each day is a snapshot in time, with unique interactions with the planets that influence your life. Seeing the patterns of how the planets relate to each other at any given time provides clues into your next step, and validation of your progress. When reviewing my journal from the Leo Full Moon which took place in my 12th House, I wrote, “I see the Leo full moon as a time where I’ve reclaimed my personal power by releasing people who have “eclipsed” my energy. As an empath, I see that my light has been blocked by other people who had dominating personalities. With the Leo Full Moon, I stand fully in my power and allow my light to shine, I help other people strengthen their spiritual practice and connect more deeply with their creator. I support people in strengthen their self-worth, boost confidence, and follow their purpose. I help people become vibratitonally aligned with what they want most.”

During the recent Mercury Retrograde in Aries, I have had an entire upleveling of my business, and personal brand. I have more clarity and direction then ever before. I attribute it to continually letting go of the old and embracing the unknown. I know my Higher-self has a better plan for me then I could ever imagine. So the more I let go, the more I grow. Progress continues with the Scorpio Full Moon, taking place in my 4th House – the House of family, home, security and foundation is helping take my business to a new place. With the recent upgrades to myself and my business I’m ready to launch a new project – Good Vibe Energy Tribe.

Join The Good Vibe Energy Tribe

I have SO much knowledge about emotional healing, energy, vibration, and business that I want to share with the world, I just couldn’t “see” the right way to present it. A few weeks ago, an idea of how it would look brought it all together. Good Vibe Energy Tribe will provide ongoing support that goes beyond just working with the lunar cycles. It’s a dynamic educational opportunity, delivering innovative material and activities to help raise your vibe. There will be information about Chakra Balancing, Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness, Tarot, Full Moon Rituals, Energy Healing, DNA Activation, Essential Oils, and much, much more. As a Capricorn my “work” is very important to me. As a healer, providing information that has integrity, authenticity, and relevance to helping people evolve is paramount.

Mastering the Full Moon

1) Feel into it – Allow yourself to fully experience whatever is taking place within you. What do you feel deep within your body and soul?
2) Journal – Write about whatever is coming up or triggering you. Scribble you ideas and random thoughts out on paper. Let loose and free flow with your ideas and inspiration.
3) Essential Oils – These gems support you physically and emotionally in addressing difficult situations, emotional challenges, and reigniting your passion. Pick one or two that support you at this time and use them each morning and night by applying it to your body; placing a drop in your hands and cupping them over your nose and mouth, breathing them in deeply; and/or apply to the bottom of your feet to help you feel grounded.
4) Let loose! – The Scorpio energy is intense. Physical movement allows pent up energy to be released – dance, hike, run or whatever!

Passions Rise Be mindful of whatever is taking place within and around you with the Scorpio Full Moon. This Full Moon is intense and will help you dig deep into your resources so you bring to light limitations that have been hiding your true self. Through this process you will see you are stronger than you realize, which helps you boost your confidence, ultimately leading to you following your passions.
Enjoy the transformative Scorpio Full Moon!

Join Good Vibe Energy Tribe to help you keep your vibe high.