A powerful New Moon in Taurus arrives on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 2:14 am EDT (11:14pm PDT). You may be feeling a bit apprehensive, shaky, or anxious for a few days prior to the New Moon because it is accompanied by a solar eclipse. Any toxic habits or old patterns can be shed with the eclipse. Set your intentions to shift and evolve.
This solar eclipse is the end of an intense portal of healing that began with the lunar eclipse at the time of the last Full Moon. Since that Full Moon we have also been shaken up with the Cardinal Grand Cross. Times like this are rarely easy, as emotional wounds and patterns surface. We may feel stunned or shocked as the dirty laundry is being aired. It’s important to take an impersonal perspective, versus internalizing the process. Otherwise we are left feeling victimized again.
How do you take an impersonal perspective? By looking at the situation from another perspective. Our soul wants to experience life from many perspectives. It helps us have a deep understanding of our emotions. And we end up learning compassion from the situation if we can move beyond the emotional pain. It one lifetime you may have wanted to understand betrayal. In one lifetime you may have betrayed people, and then in this one you experienced the other side of betrayal. When we take an impersonal perspective we no longer get caught in the emotional cyclone. We can take a step back and look at the situation differently, no longer being controlled by it or our emotions.
This Taurus New Moon will be intensified since the sun will be hidden, drumming up awareness about your values. Taurus values beauty, art, money, practicality, pleasure, and luxury. What area of your life is coming up? What do you value? This New Moon will provide insights into what you want and what still needs to be healed. This New Moon holds promise for transforming the way we think, communicate, and what we value most.
The Taurus energy rules the 2nd House, the House of Value. Here we are immersed in the material and immaterial things of certain value. Our belongings, money, property, acquisitions, as well as our growth and self-worth are all influenced by the 2nd House.
Taurus influences our 5th Chakra – the Throat Chakra. Since it is an earth sign, it looks at beauty and love from the physical world. The 5th Chakra represents our ability to express what we want and value. Then finding the courage to speak up about our desires. Express your appreciation for good food, and find activities that bring pleasure and fun into your life. Also this brings to light issues related to security and the ability to relinquish personal will to divine will.
The new moon is a great time to evaluate where you are, what you have learned, and what you’re committed to, and where you’re going. In honor of the Taurus New Moon we will be holding a live, FREE conference on Monday, April 28, 2014 at 9pm ET to discuss manifesting with the Taurus energy and provide a guided imagery meditation to enhance your ability to manifest. Click here to register.
Embrace the love and beauty that abounds in your life and enhance those aspects of your life with the Taurus New Moon! Join us for Manifesting with the Taurus New Moon energy on Monday April 28th.