The old saying April showers brings May flowers rings true for the Taurus New Moon on May 9, 2013 at 7:31pm EDT (4:31pm PDT). Just like the landscape in the spring changes, the New Moon in Taurus brings the excitement of change. With two eclipses this month there is a big opportunity for transformation. Flowers (opportunities) may be popping up all around you.
The New Moon is the point when there is no visible light reflected from the moon. The moon reflects our emotions back to us. Therefore, the time around the New Moon, emotions are typically more calm; making it a prime time to listen to our heart and hear our soul’s desires. It’s a time of dreaming and imagining what life could be like. The seeds of our dreams are planted in the mind and projected into the cosmos to support us. Our job is to keep the dream alive and allow the Universe to support us. We just need to keep the dream alive by providing fertile soil (physical support), nutrients (love), sunshine (faith) and water (emotional support) to our seedlings (dreams).
The solar eclipse intensifies the attributes of the New Moon in Taurus and solar eclipse on May 9th. Eclipses speed up life, throw curve balls, and force us adapt. With the eclipses this month you may see options with your goals that seemed impossible just a few months ago.
Taurus’ earthy energy focuses on the senses. If the senses are satisfied, everything else takes care of itself. You may be attracted to material things, but look at how the pleasure it brings your senses. Taurus enjoys comfortable living and work spaces; along with fine food, clothes, and music. What senses are driving you this new moon? Are you looking for a new home or office? The New Moon in Taurus is a great time to start the process – or at least plant seeds.
Taurus rules the 2nd House – The House of Value. This includes physical possessions, things of substance, growth, money, belongings, and self-worth. Think of things that you value, including your own values, this is the Second House. It’s a great time to evaluate where you derive your self-worth from. You are not your job, or title, or money. These are all false perceptions. Look at what fears or insecurities lie beneath your sense of worth to determine what you can release; replacing with self-empowered beliefs that you are a Divine Being with a powerful life’s purpose. You may not have a clue of what that is, but let go of the definitions and allow your Creator to help you understand it.
Taurus, to me, rules the space between the first and second Chakras. The root Chakra is our connection to our tribe, family, and community. It is where we define ourselves as a group. The second Chakra is where we begin to step outside the group and become an individual. Look at how do you identify yourself with the group? What role do you play? How do you identify yourself separate from the group? Is this your creation or imposed on you by the group?
It’s an interesting exercise to determine the roles you’ve fallen into versus ones that you have consciously created. This Taurus New Moon may help you discover what you value and help you re-define yourself. Granted it doesn’t happen overnight. But planting seeds with the New Moon is a start.
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With support of the Taurus New Moon, tap into your senses and create what your heart desires. Join us for the New Moon conference call on May 8, 2013.