Be prepared to dig deep into the emotional pools with the New Moon in Scorpio on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 5:08pm EST (2:08pm PST). Our awareness is turned inward with transformative Scorpio as it pushes us to remove illusions and find our authentic selves.
Scorpio is a water sign, which rules our emotions. Experiencing a full range of emotions is a blessing and a curse of the human experience. Without an adequate understanding of how to process emotions they often get stuck within the physical body. With Scorpio we are perfectly positioned for a personal renewal at the deepest levels. We are prompted to let go of the stale behaviors and unresolved emotions in order to openly receive healthier perspectives. When we learn how to process what we are feeling instead of allowing the vibration of the emotions to stagnate within us, we become masters of our emotions instead of being controlled by them.
The New Moon in Scorpio is intensified with the Solar Eclipse that occurs on Wednesday November 14, 2012. Solar Eclipses occur with a New Moon. When the moon covers the sun during an eclipse was are prompted to go deeper within to clean out all the emotional clogs that hold us back from manifesting our deepest desires. Your inner wisdom is encouraging you to face and resolve them. Ask for guidance regarding the best way to face your issues. You’ll be amazed at the support you’ll receive when you follow through. When you avoid cleaning out the gunk, it continues to haunt you.
Every new moon is a time of new beginnings, rebirth, and new opportunities. It’s a great time to begin new projects, set new goals, and revisit existing ones. To get the most out of this new moon consider setting goals that revolve around deep emotional purification. What resentments, un-forgiveness, and other emotions do you hold onto? Where do you react with fear, judgment, guilt, or shame? Do you want to manifest more? Then Scorpio is the perfect place to surrender.
Scorpio rules the Eighth House. The Eighth House is about support we receive from others. It is the house of regeneration – and covers death, sex, legal issues, and metaphysics. The Eighth House is where a person is purified through an intense meeting or crisis. Metaphorically speaking, this can be seen as a deep crisis that assists a person in purging their negativity. This crisis can be seen in a jealous rage, hatred, or possessiveness. Everything about this House is felt at a deep level; a person will give up everything to have their desired results. Its focus is on transforming obstacles so it can create what it desires.
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Transform yourself with the New Moon in Scorpio. Focus on resolving superficial issues and get to the heart of the matter. The raw, pure energy of Scorpio will help you shatter illusions and help you find truth! Have a great month manifesting!