The New Moon is in Sagittarius on December 2, 2013 at 7:22pm EST (4:22pm PST). This is an uplifting new moon. It reinforces hopefulness, ignites passion, creativity, and fun.
The lunar cycles are a powerful resource that can be utilized to help us reach our goals. There is a natural ebb and flow the cycles create. Each has a unique flair, influenced by the astrological signs they fall in, the location of the planets, and more specifically, what astrological House is affecting our birth chart.
When the moon is new, it’s a time of new beginnings, setting intentions for the new month of what we want to accomplish, create, or manifest. The moon moves through each of the astrological signs which bring unique characteristics to the mix. With this new moon we are influenced by the astrological sign of Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is a fire sign. And all fire signs light us up. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, hope, abundance, and optimism. We all need that after the deeply transformative energy of the Libra and Scorpio. It will feel like a breath of fresh air to experience the light-heartedness and fun that Sagittarius brings. It supports our future vision and inspires us to set the plan for 2014.
Sagittarius rules the 9th House – The House of Philosophy. Within this house is our future vision of ourselves, our truth, culture, spirituality. It also rules higher learning, knowledge, experience through expansion, and foreign travel. This is a good time to travel with family and friends, meet new friends, begin new relationships, start a new business, market to the masses, or anything that is expands your creativity.
With the optimism of Sagittarius, its good to remove negative self-talk, false beliefs, limitations, societal restrictions about what men/women “should” do, or situations that keep us stuck in the box. It’s a good time to take some risks by taking baby steps towards your desired result. From now until December 21st is a good time to take action towards your goals. There is a thrust of positive, optimistic energy to support you now.
Create a ritual around each new moon by: 1) Taking a moment to relax, breathing in deeply and visualizing yourself connecting with the earth. 2) Connecting with you heart, write down intentions, wishes, and goals that feel right to you. Keep the list simple. 3) Expanding the list by writing down your intentions as if they have already occurred. 4) Meditating on your intentions, sending your message into the cosmos for support. 5) Take action daily towards achieving your goals.
Join us in honoring the New Moon in Sagittarius for a live conference call on Monday, December 2, 2013 at 9pm EST (6pm PST). During the call we will talk more about the New Moon, answer any questions you have about manifesting, and provide a guided imagery meditation to integrate your goals into the subconscious. To register for the conference call click here.
Overcome obstacles, and break the chains that hold you back from achieving your dreams by using the fiery optimism and inspiration that the New Moon in Sagittarius brings. Create an amazing future vision with this New Moon for December and into 2014. Join us on Monday December 2nd for the New Moon Manifesting conference call. It’s going to be incredible.



  1. Bobinna December 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Jana, i am happy to share that it has been one year since my stomach issues totally healed. I learned so much while i was sick and i was able to integrate those lessons into my new, healed self. I am really glad that i have regained my fun sense of self that eats life with strength, humility and joy!!
    Life tastes good ūüôā i won’t even brag about all the major postive shifts that have happened in my life from root to crown… I am so blessed and so grateful!!!!
    All the other stuff is aces! I figured out how to honor my needs and surround myself with complementary energies. My mother and sister have joined me on the path to transforming and healing and we are using love to move forward into new landscapes filled with peace, vibrant creative energy, and growth.
    There are lots of new loved ones in my life as well.
    I can do a kickboxing class with a roar and find myself dancing while i work on my writing and teaching.
    I send you blessings.
    Love you bobanna

    • Jana December 5, 2013 at 4:54 pm

      I’m SO excited for you! It’s awesome to see the transformation you’ve made in your life and helping others on your path. I’m so honored to be a part of your journey. Peace and blessings!

  2. Georgia December 2, 2013 at 7:07 pm

    I am so happy sooo happy that I am moving back to nh with Gary. He called me just now and told me he needs me and wants us to be together. I told him I felt the same way and that I always wanted that. We both agreed that I should drive there as soon as possible. I also called Heather and she is psyched I am coming back and can now teach at mighty yoga! I am honesty so happy that I am back with Gary. He is the love of my life. We both want the same for our future being together and starting a family. He even told me he wants to get married within the next month!!! I feel exactly he same. My heart feels so much better and I feel like the luckiest girl alive. I feel healthier and we both just couldn’t be happier! I am so excited to be back in nh in our house with our dogs!
    Blessed be!

  3. Qiana December 2, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    Hi Jana,
    I know my schedule, as of late, has kept me from participating in the live, new moon conference call(s), but I have been listening to each of the recordings every month. ☺
    As you can imagine, my call-up to the national soccer team has come with a wonderful set of new duties on and off the field, and I love every moment of it! My enthusiasm for this new opportunity continues to inspire my athletic performances-as I am now in the starting 11 with several goals and assists!!
    Although things were progressing for me with my athletic endeavors, commercials and ambassadorial commitments, your advice during the December 2013 new moon call really helped me to manifest the opportunities, connections + experiences that have led me to where I am now. If you recall shortly after this time, I wrote and published the wildly successful travel guide, Savoring Joga Bonito: The Fan

  4. Veronica December 2, 2013 at 9:56 pm

    Dear Jana,
    I’m THRILLED beyond belief that I am living and breathing SELF-LOVE!!!! YAY!! I give myself first priority and surround myself with the LIGHT and with people who live in the LIGHT. Love for myself is my guide for everything I do and every interaction I have. I’m in the flow of abundance. I’m living in the magic, playfulness and expansion. I nourish myself internally by being present and listening to my beautiful heart and that’s how I respond to everything. I own my world and my reality and therefore I noticed that I no longer live in reaction and it’s sooo blissful! From this wide-open place, I attracted THE MOST AMAZING, light-filled, committed relationship which lead to marriage in 3 months-time! This man truly fits me like a glove! He’s passionate, always comes back to love after a conflict and we share respect, reciprocity, really good communication, laughter and appreciation. We are connected on a very deep-soul level and our sexual connection is off-the-charts amazing! At the end of the day, we can’t wait to come home to chat about our individual experiences of the day and love each other. I’m flowing down the river of life and it’s sooooo much fun! weeeee!!!
    Lots of love!

  5. Alecia December 3, 2013 at 4:00 am

    I am so glad to reach you. I was so disappointed I was not on the call but listen. Third time is a charm to post this. I am excited to tell you Russell and I final had a heart to heart. He is a man of few words but herevealed his true feelings. I love this man and after three years he is ready to get married. And my work is picking up because the TCPA doctors are sending me 50 new patients monthly to manage . And now I get to travel the world talking about low carb diets in pediatrics to improve behavior mentation and seizures.
    Love and light

  6. Jasmine Therese Esguerra December 3, 2013 at 5:41 am

    Dear Jana,
    I’ve been following your guidance for over a year and am so thankful for your bimonthly readings and in your work with doterra essential oils. This new moon I am manifesting my financial freedom and truly stepping into my leadership role in my business and my life. I enjoy my abundance by liberating my heart and mind to create the business and life of my dreams. In 2014 I release my first bestselling book and can travel the world speaking, teaching and healing families… inspiring them to bring wellness practices home and feeling empowered and honored in their bodies. I love partnering with community and business leaders to create win, win, win conscious commerce…liberating and encouraging us all to thrive and enjoy life together.
    Jasmine Therese Esguerra

  7. Suzanne McDermott December 3, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Dear Jana,
    I have thought of you often as this year, these days, weeks and months have unfolded. I am deeply grateful for your service and particular gifts and that I found my way to your shining light.
    I am delighted to report that I am radiantly healthy in every conceivable way. I feel beautiful, clear, relaxed and beloved.
    Now my income and financial supports are such that wasting mental, emotional and clock time over money is a thing of the past.
    I live now in a constant state of appreciation, relief and gratitude as I operate freely in my own beautiful, magical light filled spaces, interact cooperatively with my able and awesome support team who help me manage my home and studio spaces, exponentially growing business, influence and numbers of supporters, clients and students.
    The foundation of my ever-expanding business and finances, so well managed by my excellent operations and support team, enables me to serve more and more people because my time is now free to devote to my most sophisticated skills and highest callings.
    I now concentrate on the creative plane as I plan and direct my projects, draw and watercolor, write and teach, knowing that my operations, administration, studio and home management pieces are in place.
    I am always grateful for my exceptional fortune and share my harvest in every way that I can.
    Much love,
    Suzanne McDermott

  8. Lauren Taylor December 3, 2013 at 6:14 am

    You wouldn’t believe that I found the apartment I so badly needed and also financial resources to back up the move. It is just what I needed and I have my own personal refuge. I now let friends,family and teachers in guise of acquaintances assist me in a way I didn’t before. My heart feels open to the shifts in my consciousness.
    Guess what? When I went to court this month, I was assertive and calm and the results were focused on where I am going for my family. This is not the end of my fight. I know it may never be the same again, but the way it is now lends to my inertia of moving forward.
    I have *acceptance* for all past hurts and traumas which has helped me use them to my advantage.
    My heart feels gratitude for these developments.
    I am even following through with a drive and focus that is being channeled through me. Life is a blessing and that’s how I am living mine!
    With love and light,

  9. vanessa December 3, 2013 at 9:42 am

    Dear Jana,
    I am so excited to tell you about everything positive in my life. I am painting at nationally recognized Plein Air painting events, creating beautiful landscapes on my canvas and then selling them all! I am booked with speaking engagements for my signature talks and have a solid schedule for my 1:1 clients for my Creative Soul Life Coaching business. My group programs filled up so fast and I got to teach so many wonderful new artists. I have passed the 6 figure mark this year by selling my paintings and my coaching business.
    I have also been thrilled with my new way of manifesting in a more feminine connected and grounded art form. I really connect with my self internally and with my higher self to plant new seeds and then watch them grow with ease and abundance.
    Creative Blessings,

  10. Waxi December 3, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Thank you so much for your new moon manifesting get together for all of us who tuned to discuss the Sagittarius moon. Wow were you ever right, that new moon was all about how tapping into your desires was within yourself. Once I got ahold of that truth things began to shift on a deep level for me, and the results are still pouring in!
    First with my school situation being resolved ;I had enough funding to complete my studies and now am fielding 3 different job offers all with amazing travel benefits and at or above the goal I had set for myself to be receiving at the 5 year career mark, not realizing it would be right away!
    As I shifted my attitudes and rid myself of old money story, began to retell it my own way and issues with loans and earnings melted away to the place where my inner feelings of value and worth were reflected in my flow of funds and resources, the options were astounding.
    Best of all my heatlh issues are a thing of the past and I use my story of how i was able to harness my own vibrational strength and inner calm to set a river flowing within my other energetic systems and my body responded with glowing heatlh. Today I discuss with others how mindset and diet with a major shift in hydration with the kangen water I started to use to alkalize my cells brought resonance and cleansing to my entire system. Now the days of overwhelming fatigue and mental fog are the conversation pieces that others use with me to discuss their health needs and how drinking the best water shifts their health fundamentally, bringing great joy to me as it fulfills my dream of bringing healing to others.
    The pleasure that fills my thoughts now as I plan vacations and future endeavors with my children is like an eternal holiday, we are so blessed, and I remember the new moon where I made the changes in my thinking beginning with that December 2013 decision to allow the energy of Sagittarius to work it’s magic in my life.
    Thank you so much for your commitment to bringing this message to us in such an easy to access manner, it’s been life changing.

  11. Kelli December 3, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    I am so excited to tell you that I have found my romantic love partner! We have a beautiful home with a great view that is also so peaceful. Very open and loving environment. We have a waterfall that is so so peaceful in the backyard with great landscaping. We have been traveling and plan on buying a second home out of state somewhere warm for little getaways. My son is so so happy as well in his new home, he finally has a dog, which he has always wanted. They play in the backyard and take walks. He invites his friends over and well all have a wonderful time. His friends really really like hanging out at our home. We are very family/friend oriented and have people over for bbq’s and game nights. I have gone back to school and found my passion and I am finally not feeling any financial burden. We are a team and support each other to the fullest. The love of my life and I are planning to get married and continue to be loving, loyal and thoughtful to each other. We are both very involved in bettering ourselves for our highest good. My son has also taken a liking to all of the positive energy and is very involved in wanting to make himself better for his highest good. He has completely turned his grades around for the better and continues to be motivated to succeed and learn more and plan for college, so that he has a wonderful future. My son has also been relieved of most of his anger through all his hard work and open mindedness and open heart. He is so wonderful.
    I have a wonderful clientele to be able to perform Reiki on those that are ready to receive. I am very blessed to be an open channel for people. I have my own space in my home that is very comfortable and contemporary so that people feel welcomed and calm to receive their treatment.
    I am so happy to also say that my stresses and tension and anger have gone away. I do not hold as much weight on my shoulders anymore. I do not exercise my character defects as much towards others and have really been able to practice “live and let live” Things are so wonderful and I am very blessed.
    Can’t wait to tell you more!

  12. Liana December 3, 2013 at 11:03 pm

    Dear Jana,
    Thank you for all that you do. Last night was my very first conference call. what a wonderful experience. I’m very new to the manifesting. At present i’m caring for a family member who has suffered a stroke recently.
    My goals are to keep finding different ways to help her and to keep a positive outlook. eg: Laughter and happiness, out door activities are the key for her recovery apart from all the learning and teaching tasks that are at hand.
    I know that to share this feeling … i myself will be in this same frame of mind as well… Which is why I have made the decision to rid of the negatives and keep the positives..Happiness and Prosperity for myself.
    Once again
    Blessings to you and to all who partake in such a unified event.

  13. robyn hancox December 4, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Dearest Jana from afar yet so close,
    I listened to you last night and I just couldn’t wait to tell you that I am now in a very special relationship with the most awesome man that I have meet. He is wonderful and it feels so right, we just allowed this and both kept knowing it was a YES! to love, friendship, life, we are both happy and still maintaining our lives and friends.The connection and space is a wonderful healthy balance. He has a great job and rally enjoys his fullfillng work, though he is not his job, and he is very generous to me and so supportive of all of my talents and endevours. It is sure we will travel together and work in the future for a period of time.
    He has a lovely dog and when we settle at his farm I too will get a dog, so there will be the 4 of us! He has such a clear, calm, and fun loving manner, although he is younger than me, we adore being in each others company. We are just letting this unfold in spirits time and not needing to over socialise with friends. He is really unique in a wonderful way, humble, attentive, happy, ineresting, passionate and very real,and very much a man in love with me !. Its such a wonderful world, my life has changed in only positive ways, from starting my job teaching with art, to meeting him, to my healing work and the Do Terra oils, all I want and so much more is just flowing naturally and easily into my life and I feel part of a wonderful community and loved and supported by a number of dear friends in every way. I am so happy and grateful., and I have lost 5 Kilo’s, and look and feel like a beautiful woman who lives deep in her heart and soul power, and this radiates out and warms all…Thank you so much Jana, I will keep in contact and look forward to meeting you soon.. Much love and blessings to you..Robyn from Australia, Byron Bay.

  14. Melinda December 4, 2013 at 6:50 am

    Hi Jana, Enjoyed the call on Monday!!!!
    Have so much to share with you!!!! My son got into not one but three colleges and is graduating in June. I have started my flower stand at a local farmer’s market and also selling flowers during the week. I am in a loving relationship with my soul mate, I thought I would never find him but I finally did. My girls are doing well. One is off to fashion camp for the summer and the other is going on a trip to overseas for the summer. My life coaching classes are going well. I am grateful for taking your classes and working with oils. My finances are on tract and I have a great savings. I am more abundant than I could have imagine!!!!
    Blessing to you–Melinda

  15. kacia December 5, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    Hi Jana,
    I’m so glad I hopped on the call a few days ago. It was my first time, and I loved it.
    I’m writing with the exciting update that I’ve become more and more loving of myself and finally know what it REALLY feels like to be one’s own best friend. My self-love is strong and nourishing, my inner guide flourishes and speaks to me confidently (and I am able to intuit its advice and respond in kind). I am able to enjoy the love of friends, family, romantic relationships, etc, without having to need them to validate my own self-worth. I no longer question my value/talents/worth, and have great confidence in my womanly mojo.
    I am living a life of love, not ego, and am able to carry a miracle mindset (not without hard work – but it has paid off). I am able to counter the ego’s fears and negativity with the strong foundation of love I’ve laid down, and am living a fuller, more joyous life because of it.
    In addition, all this positive energy has brought into my life a man who is my equal partner in all things, supportive of my journey to live life through love (and joins me readily), has a strong desire to shine his light and strong passion on the world, has integrity of character, understands the importance of family, is a good communicator, loves others well in addition to me, handles conflict with grace, listens not just with his ears but with his heart, respects the arts and is supportive and/or involved, doesn’t take himself too seriously, is honest, and lets me be 100% myself (and loves me for it). Oh, and obviously we have delicious physical chemistry, which we work hard to keep fresh for each other.
    My career has put my myriad of skills to fun, unconventional way. I am able to nourish my photography, design, dance, art skills and balance it with my natural inquisitiveness and logical/analytical mind in a way that affects the world positively. I’m an inspiration to those I work for and with, and they inspire and teach me in return.
    I dance all the time, with confidence and vulnerability. I am able to show the world my true self without worrying about gaining their approval. I am 100%, totally and completely ME at all times.
    I’m surrounded by people who live in love and who challenge and engage me at every turn. They fill my heart with joy and I have the strong sense of community that is so important to me.
    I am bright, engaged, challenged, learning, teaching, in awe of the Universe and everything it has to offer. I’m so excited about my life!
    Thanks, Jana. I know that call was a catalyst in my lovely life.

  16. Justine December 8, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    To Jana,
    I am so happy that I stumbled upon this website and joined in for my first conference call. It was wonderful and couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I am so excited to share with you the wonderful things that have manifested as a result of your guidance and the energy of the Universe!
    Andrew came back to Michigan from Australia with a fresh perspective on life, and has come back with so much love and positive energy! Being away has been more than beneficial for our relationship and has drawn us closer together, and he is ready to move our relationship full steam ahead. The distance and time away has made us both realize that we want to spend the rest of our lives together and we begin our path together immediately upon his return. This chapter of Andrew and I’s life together couldn’t have begun at a better time as I had just graduated nursing school, passed my licensing exam, and secured a well paying nursing job in a position and environment that I love!
    While he was in Australia, we communicated by any and all means possible very frequently – almost everyday if not every day! I also had the opportunity to visit him in Sydney during my spring break from school, and it was perfect. We couldn’t have been happier to see each other and everything just fell into place and clicked beautifully regarding our thoughts, feelings, and desires for each other and our romantic future together. It was absolutely beautiful there. I don’t know how I managed to pay for the trip but money came from somewhere to send me out to see him, and we were so that it happened.
    We spent the rest of the year getting our lives set up together – moving into a home of our own, setting ourselves up financially, and planning for marriage and family. It is very hectic at times but worth it and we couldn’t be more excited to take this journey together!

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