The New Moon in Leo on August 17, 2012 at 11:54am EDT (8:54am PDT) is a fertile field for setting new intentions. This is a particularly creative time with the moon and sun in Leo. It’s a time to be true to yourself, to live from your heart, and to display your individuality with pride.
When the Moon is new both the sun and moon energies are aligned in the same astrological sign, and a powerful portal is opened. It’s is a time of beginnings and endings. New Moons are a great time to set intentions for things you would like to create, develop, and cultivate. It’s a time of planting new seeds; whether seeds of reality or creative imagination, both the moon and the sun support your desires during a new moon.
This New Moon is supported by the fire sign of Leo. Leo brings with it confidence, ambition, loyalty, generosity, and encouragement. Leo rules the heart, and all manifesting stems from the heart. If your heart isn’t in it, then creating what you want is impossible. On the flip side, Leo can stir up drama. The Leo energy may also bring up your stubborn side or the need to dominate. Being aware of these characteristics will help you navigate through areas of yourself that need to be tended, weeding out what is unnecessary, and allowing positive attributes to grow.
Leo is ruled by the Sun. It’s time to let yourself shine. During this New Moon ideas and goals that have been percolating for a while may begin to take root and support may pop up like tiny sprouts bursting through the dirt.
Leo rules the 5th House – the House of Pleasure. It’s a great time to incorporate more leisure and recreational activities or just shift your perspective and see life through innocent childlike eyes. Perhaps one of your New Moon goals would be starting a new hobby that relieves stress such as taking a pottery class, painting, yoga, photography, or something that helps you express your creativity. Sometimes starting something new is a challenge, instead find pleasure with what already exists. Having a renewed perspective with gratitude opens different doors. As you allow yourself to relax, creativity, inspiration, intuition, and passion may be ignited, taking you closer to your dreams.
The New Moon is an introspective time where it’s easier to go within to discover the true you; what are your hopes, dreams, passions, and desires. The pull of the tides are lower causing the pull of emotions to be diminished. Using new moon rituals such as setting your intentions and meditating on them helps you remove old patterns and create new ones. What is important is that you’re creating a ritual and committing to your vision, and opening to receive guidance, healing, and support from your Creator. The Moon assists you in healing your emotions, use its power to resolve emotional wounds and begin attracting what you want.
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The New Moon is an introspective time. Indulge your creative self-expression with this New Moon in Leo and see where it takes you. By letting go of controlling the process you may make leaps and bounds towards your goals. Have a wonderful month of manifesting!