Eclipse - New Moon ManifestingThe New Moon along with a partial solar eclipse is on January 4, 2011 at 1:03am PST (4:03am EST). Each new lunar cycle provides us with an opportunity to reset our priorities and refocus efforts on what we really want to achieve.
Set your goals by taking a sitting quietly for a few minutes. Take a couple of deep breaths to clear your mind. Feel yourself relax and let go of the outside world. Feel yourself opening up to receive insight and direction into what you want to achieve. Visualize sunlight coming in through the crown of your head, supporting you as you set your goals. Now ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve or change in my life during this lunar cycle?” “What resources do I need to achieve this?”
As insight, direction, or ideas pop into your mind, jot them down. Keep your list of goals and insights in a prominent location where you can view it from time to time over the coming month.
Capricorn is the most action oriented of the Earth signs. The new moon in Capricorn brings the energy of lasting conclusions, long-term results, reliable consequences, and things you can count on tomorrow.
Now is the time to pull out your lists and get to work on them. You’ll be supported by Capricorn’s attributes of hard work, stability, responsibility, resourcefulness, and results oriented energy. Capricorn is about creating systems, lists, organizations, governments, and tried and true strategies.
We’ll get an extra boost of energy with the solar eclipse in our path. Each eclipse, especially the ones over the next two years, affect our planetary grid system by distributing pulsating energy throughout our planet.
This solar eclipse rounds out the burst of energy we felt with the lunar eclipse on December 21, 2010. It offers us a time to feel renewed, focus our intentions, and manifest our desires.
With the eclipse energy along with the new moon in Capricorn, now is the time to be cautious about what you commit to. The most important aspects is to make sure you commit to your word and follow through.
In honor of the new moon we will be holding a **FREE** live conference call on Tuesday January 4, 2011 at 6pm PST (9pm EST). During the call you will be able to share your intentions for this lunar cycle. After sharing our intentions we will participate in a group meditation to set our intentions and send them into the Universe. Register here for conference call instructions.
2011 is the year of Manifesting! Let’s make it a good one! Be careful what you focus on… you just might get it!