The New Moon in Aquarius begins on February 10, 2013 at 2:20am EST (11:20pm Feb 9th PDT). The moon in this expansive air sign breathes innovation and inspiration to uplift your life.
The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, and planting new seeds. It’s a good time to set goals, revisit existing ones, and begin projects. Each new lunar cycle is influenced by a particular astrological sign. And working with the influences of each astrological sign can enhance your ability to manifest what you want.
The theme of the last New Moon in Capricorn focused on creating a solid plan. While this Aquarius New Moon moves your ideas out of the cosmic perspective and into reality. It stretches the imagination with unconventional answers. You may gain amazing insights for your plan. If you’re new to working the the lunar cycles, the Aquarius energy provides unique insights into the bigger picture.
Aquarius is an air element. It functions in the mental realm, working with both sides of the brain. The left side of the brain helps you choose which ideas to focus on to maximize your intentions. While tapping into the vast creativity of the right side of the brain, inspires you to think outside of the box, and reach beyond the box, shooting for the stars. Allow radical thinking and innovative genius ideas to flow with this New Moon.
On the flip side, with the Aquarius energy you could feel flighty and unable to focus. Find ways to anchor the lower three chakras, while still exploring unconventional avenues for your goals.
Suggestions to maximize the Aquarius New Moon energy:
* Brainstorm by yourself or with others to spur new ideas
* Clarify your vision for the year ahead
* Lighten up and listen to your inner wisdom
* Keep a notepad handy to jot down ideas and inspiration
* Expand your vision and possibilities
Aquarius rules the 11th House – The House of Friendship. It’s a great month to expand your friendships by finding groups, clubs, or people who share your interests or attitudes. Aquarius also rules fortunes, benefits from career, and expanding one’s hopes and wishes.
Be social – use the Aquarius New Moon to network with others both personally and professionally. It’s time to acknowledge your position in regards to the group, rather than self-centered pursuits. Goals related to networking, strengthening ties, or making connections with others are enhanced with this lunar cycle. Perhaps you’ll meet people that help take your goals to the next level.
Aquarius also rules the Sixth Chakra – the Third Eye Chakra. The Sixth Chakra is the Spiritual Eye and allows you to “see clearly” and view the big picture. With the Aquarian energy you have support to work beyond the five senses and engage your inner guidance on a deeper level if you let go and listen.
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With the New Moon in Aquarius let go of thinking outside of the box entirely and shoot for the stars. Let Aquarius to work its magic for you and expand your vision to reach heights you never thought were possible.
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