Have you been taking action?
Since the Sagittarius new moon, have you been inspired and more active? What’s been going through your mind? As we move into the Gemini Full Moon you may be inspired by new ideas. Between insightful ideas with Gemini and action oriented Sagittarius, you may be swiftly moving forward.
The Gemini Full Moon
It takes place on December 13, 2016 at 7:06pm ET (4:06pm PT). The full moon is a culmination of our hopes and dreams. As it illuminates the night sky, it also stirs the emotions within us. There may be a heightened emotional awareness, and a need to release pent up energy. Choose activities that release excess energy to keep the circuits flowing smoothly. In doing this, there may be spontaneous ideas and excitement.
Feeling agitated or getting triggered?
The Full Moon reminds us to review what’s taking place outside yourself. What or who is triggering your emotions? As you notice what you are feeling you can reflect and use tools to help you release the emotions brought up by the full moon. Since Gemini is an air sign, you may feel more flighty or spacey. Use essential oils such as frankincense, lavender, cedarwood, or sandalwood to feel more connected to the earth.
How is the flow of information?
Are you swirling in confusion and disoriented? Is your mind calm and harmonious? Finding heart centered tools such as yoga, breath work, or essential oils will help you manage your emotions and be more grounded. Be mindful of your thoughts.
Which thoughts are yours – which belong to others?
With the focus on the mind, Gemini reminds you to be mindful of your thoughts. By being aware of them you’ll learn to follow your heart rather than the inner programming going on subconsciously. During this time you may be inspired to follow new directions. You could feel a sense of liberation and Sagittarius helps you break through barriers and perceived limitations.
Gemini emphasizes communication, thoughts, networking, and the conscious mind.
It provides the foundation for speaking, teaching, and writing. Areas that are highlighted with this full moon may relate to expanding these areas of your life or looking for blockages that limit your ability to express yourself. So get out your journal and do a brain dump to get all of your ideas out on paper. And use these journal prompts to help you reclaim your power.
With the Gemini Full Moon, be open minded and curious.
There may be an expansion of ideas that shift intentions set with the Sagittarius new moon. Since the full moon is an external influence, be mindful of new ideas and suggestions that come from other people and situations. There may also be expanded vision as Gemini represents duality and seeing both sides of the situation or understanding there may be multiple solutions. Ask questions and seek clarity, without over analyzing or thinking too logically when addressing emotions and changing patterns.
The Sagittarius sun reminds you to look at the broader picture and expand your horizons.
Sagittarius is on a search for meaning. Tap into your inner wisdom instead of looking outside for direction. Sagittarius is bold, daring, optimistic, and visionary. Sagittarius helps you detach from fears so you engage life from a different perspective.
With every full moon there is a natural tendency to be pulled in two directions.
The balance this full moon is between logic and faith. Remember to express feelings as they arise, let the lid off, and surrender the need to control the process. It makes the journey easier, less frustrating, and more enlightening.
Reclaim your creativity!
Reflect on what you have accomplished over the past six months since you set goals with the Gemini New Moon. What successes are you seeing? What progress are you making? What new steps will you take to reach your goals?
What will you release and reclaim with the Gemini Full Moon?
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Until next time, let your light shine by being brilliant and dazzling!