Enhance Love and Money with the Taurus New Moon.
The Taurus New Moon takes place on April 26, 2017 at 8:18 am (5:18 am PT). Taurus influences what you value, your personal gifts and abilities, as well as your self-esteem and self-worth. By learning how to master your creativity, self-esteem and your talents, you increase your joy, happiness, and prosperity.
Taurus is a very powerful earth sign.
It’s a good new moon to connect with nature and notice the beauty around you. Because of it’s deep earth connection, this new moon may be very grounding and stabilizing. By having a strong and deep connection to the earth, you create the vessel for manifesting heaven on earth. The Taurus new moon represents the richness and fertility of the spring. Plant new seeds around what you really love and value. Taurus supports you in nourishing your body and soul. What are you craving at this time? Cravings goes beyond just food. It’s about what you really need to feel comfortable and secure? What are you using to soothe yourself? Are they healthy choices or unhealthy ones?
Taurus heightens your senses.
What looks more appealing? Is your sense of smell and taste more intense? Are you attracted to particular colors? What is being heightened for you? Taurus inspires our love of food, sprucing up your home, appreciating art, and anything that makes your life more pleasing. Take time to go to museums, a gallery, or concerts. Try new restaurants, take an art class, throw some clay on a pottery wheel, or make a vision board. Do something that brings out your creative talents and appreciation for life!
Taurus and the 2nd Chakra
Taurus is the bull. Think about how you can integrate these characteristics and support your 2nd chaka. This is the seat of your self-worth, self esteem, and creative talents. There is a direct correlation between these three and prosperity. The sensitivity of the Taurus New Moon may bring up old emotional wound as your sense are heightened. What are you willing for face and resolve? Letting go of the old patterns and emotions frees you up to enjoy life more!
Spring cleaning with the Taurus New Moon
Clear out false beliefs around your self-worth, issues related to money, success, so you realize you are valuable and your gifts are necessary for humanity. Also ask yourself, where you can stand your ground better, and set healthy boundaries. What do you need to feel more secure and stable? Taurus will assist you in healing these issues. Need some help? Join us for Transform Your Money $tory. It begins May 16th! During this 9 month course you’ll learn how to blast through old beliefs and scarcity thinking about money and success. You’ll also dive deep into your soul to discover what you’re passionate about and your purpose. It’s an amazing journey of self-discovery, healing, and practical information about money.
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Essential Oils for the Taurus New Moon
Essential oils are a simple gift from nature that support our body and balance its chemistry. They hold various vibrations that help us in managing difficult emotions and unhealthy moods. With the Taurus New Moon use essential oils such as cypress, clove, cinnamon bark, Ylang Ylang, Juniper berry, and white fir. These will help with stuck energy, setting healthy boundaries, strengthening will power, and releasing ancestral patterns. As such you will strengthen your roots, feel more grounded and supported in breaking through incorrect beliefs and emotional blocks.
Want to learn more about using essential oils?

Join our Good Vibe Oil Tribe call. It will be held right after the New Moon call. We talk about essential oils that will inspire you to take action and reclaim your power. They also help you manage moods, emotions, energy, balancing your chakras, and help you manifest more.

FREE monthly New Moon Conference Call
Each month we offer insight into the new moon, how to work with its energy and end the night with a guided imagery meditation to help set your intentions. Join us!
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Taurus New Moon Conference Call
Monday April 24, 2017
9 pm ET |8 pm CT |7 pm MT | 6 pm PT

During the call we will discuss
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[li]Characteristics of this New Moon[/li]
[li]Information to enhance manifesting[/li]
[li]Advice on emotional healing and chakra balances to shift your vibe[/li]
[li]Guided imagery meditation[/li]
You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.
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Deepen your roots with Mother Earth with the Taurus New Moon. You will feel more grounded, and connect with the rhythms of nature so you follow your Divine path. Enjoy the Taurus New Moon!