Live Fearlessly
The Aries Full Moon is inspiring you to live Fearlessly! It is bold and courageous, helping you step into your authentic self. It takes place on September 24, 2018 at 10:54 pm EDT (7:54 pm PDT).Aries is a fire sign, which purifies you by “burning out” the old patterns and programming, making room for something new. Since Aries is the first sign in the Astrology year, this full moon is about new beginnings. Maybe it’s time to make changes in your routine, job, or your home. It would be wise to reconnect with the intentions you set with the Aries New Moon six months ago. What have you achieved since then? Where do you need to adjust your course? This Full Moon may bring in a flood of new inspiration and creativity to take your goals to the next level.

Find Balance
The Aries Full Moon is highly independent and reminds you to honor your needs and desires. The Moon influences your emotions and ability to see what is most important to you. What are you willing to stand up for? Where do you need to express your emotions more? Aries is “me” oriented. When the Moon is in Aries, the Sun is in Libra. Libra is “we” focused. Libra promotes equality, and creating balance and fairness. With the Aries Full Moon you may see inequality in your relationships, especially if it’s taking place in your 5th, 7th, or 11th relationship Houses. To effectively work with the Full Moon, pull your astrology birth chart with transits and see what astrology House it is falling in for you. This will help you focus on the specific characteristics of that House and maximize your growth. Need some help? CLICK HERE to check out my short video tutorial on Making the Most of the Lunar Cycles.

Working with the Full Moon
The Full Moon illuminates what has been hidden from view. It sheds light on limitations that hold you back from success. You may see how you are sabotaging yourself as the moon illuminates hidden aspects of yourself. The Full Moon stirs your emotions and if used wisely will push you out of your comfort zone, and breakthrough obstacles. Pay attention to how you feel.

Tools for the Aries Full Moon
Essential Oils
Using essential oils to balance your body is a powerful tool to support the physical and emotional body. With the Aries energy find oils that help you feel passionate, inspired, and help you take bold action. Oils in the spice family such as cinnamon and clove inspire passion, blend those oils with citrus oils such as lime and wild orange stimulate creativity and give you a zest for life. You can also feel more grounded and stable by using tree oils such as Juniper Berry and frankincense.

Burn Something
No, I’m not promoting becoming a pyromaniac. But since Aries is a fire sign this is a great full moon to utilize the fire energy. Fire destroys but it also purifies. For the full moon make a list of what you want to release or use the letter and burn it. Create a “safe” fire ceremony that is symbolic for you. I like to add a few herbs to the fire as I’m burning my list such as sage to purify and then follow up with some sweet grass to bring back sweetness. Check out my video creating a Despacho ritual – to see my Despacho video click here.

Writing pen to paper organizes your thoughts and creates clarity. Use your favorite essential oil or ones from the list about to enhance the process. By writing about emotions, concerns, or challenges your subconscious will get to work at solving them. Sometimes I’ll come up with the solution by the time I’m done writing, or any emotions I felt prior to writing dissipate with the process.

Be bold and take action
As the warrior, Aries reminds us to reclaim your personal power. Aries encourages you to put yourself out there. She is symbolically represented by a ram. So how can you “charge forward” and get your ideas out there.?What are you here to contribute? As you figure this out, Aries helps promote you!

Honor yourself with the Aries Full Moon
With every full moon, take time to honor yourself, and reclaim your power. Each step you take brings you closer towards reaching your goals and supporting your purpose.

Other Astrological Influences

There is a challenging T-Square between Saturn in Capricorn and the sun/moon. It’s asking you to look deeply into your thoughts and patterns. It’s inspiring you to be honest with yourself, and expanding your perceptions about any challenges you are facing. It may be difficult because you may not want to rock the boat. Yet if you don’t say or do anything nothing will change. What are you learning from any challenges you’re facing? How can you embrace them versus feeling victimized by it? Often times speaking your truth shifts the energy and gets you moving. Use Lavender and Frankincense over the throat chakra to help you speak up and express how you feel.

Embrace your Inner Warrior with Aries to breakthrough limitations, and use this highly independent energy to advance your goals and manifest your Good Vibe Life.

What are you willing to release?

What are your ready to reclaim?