The Capricorn New Moon / Solar Eclips is providing an opportunity for quantum leaps in your ability to manifest.  The solar eclipse ignites your dreams into reality by pushing up time lines. Every new moon presents an opportunity to plant new seeds. It’s a clean slate to  begin projects and set new intentions. The moon stirs your emotions and reminds you to learn to flow with nature’s rhythms and tides.

Capricorn New Moon
The Capricorn New Moon takes place on December 26, 2019 at 12:13 am ET (Dec 25th at 9:13 pm PT).  The Solar Eclipse intensifies the Capricorn characteristics.  It’s restructuring your physical reality. It influences your finances, sense of responsibility and personal power. Capricorn provides the resources to create practical security. It’s helping you take responsibility for your choices, identifying areas that you’re ready to shift.

Eclipses take place when the new or full moons are conjunct the north or south node of the moon.  Their energy is like a wild cards, creating intense opportunities for transformation. These changes may be sudden and unexpected. The Capricorn New Moon is conjunct with the south node. This is helping clear out karmic lessons, places where you’ve given up your power, abused power, and/or where you’ve relinquished responsibility. These series of eclipses between Capricorn and Cancer began in July 2018. Each of these ongoing eclipse patterns provide insight into a theme or particular lesson you’re learning. What is unfolding for you?  Which Houses in your Astrology Chart does it influence?  Knowing this helps you activate yourself on deeper levels as you release patterns and align with your inner wisdom.

Leap of Faith
The Capricorn New Moon is providing a sense of personal revitalization, rebirth and rejuvenation.  There are six planets influenced by Capricorn – Saturn, Pluto, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and the South Node.  Capricorn is providing quantum leaps in healing. There is a spiritual awakening, helping you align with your true self and purpose. As the last earth sign in astrology it’s relating to making the most of the resources you’ve been giving by overcoming fear, doubt and personal limitations. Capricorn and the other planetary influences are helping you restructure your thoughts and emotions to create a new reality.  Need some help with the process?

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Jupiter recently moved into Capricorn in early December, and will stay there for a year. Jupiter provides expansion wherever it falls in your chart. It tunes into higher levels of consciousness. And provides greater vitality and exuberance in what you’re manifesting. Review your birth chart to see where this will influence you for the next year. Since it’s in Capricorn there is a heightened level of responsibility in that part of your chart. Big sifts may take place in your career, prominence and social status – Capricorn characteristics. There is a bubbling electricity of possibilities with this transit. To get to higher levels of manifestation, there are risks that must be take to break out of the old paradigm. Where are you willing to take a Leap of Faith?

Pluto & Saturn are playing big in Capricorn. This transit has been the buzz with all astrologers for the past several years. These two planets are inching together until they are exact on January 12, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. These outlying planets move slowly and provide profound and lasting changes. Pluto is the force of transformation. With it moving through Capricorn there is a deepening of structural elements of your life and boundaries. It’s breaking you out of old patterns and paradigms, setting the stage for something new.  Since it’s typical to gravitate towards what is familiar this may feel very uncomfortable.  Use tools to manage fears and doubt, and trust the Universe is moving you towards something better.

Saturn is associated with restriction, rules, suffering and disappointments. Where Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents contraction and limitation. With both planets in Capricorn there will be an interesting dynamic playing out. A sense of polarity that may feel like it’s pulling you apart, which essentially it is doing.  In past transits of Pluto and Saturn there have been world wars and economic bursts. These two have also influenced transformation in technology. In Capricorn, these planets may transform governments, create economic shifts, political boundaries and advancements in technology.  See where 22 degrees of Capricorn falls in your chart, and the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn).

With year-end quickly approaching it’s a good time to review what you’ve accomplished and set the stage for the New Year and New Decade!
What do you want to create more of?
How have you changed?
How has your soul evolved?
What will you carry forward into the New Year and New Decade that will sustain your growth? What are you willing to leave behind?
What structures have permanently changed?
What do you want to change?
Use these reflective questions to celebrate your success and strive for more!

Other Planetary Influences
Uranus in Taurus (another earth sign) is breaking free from old paradigms and setting in play a new structure. There is a sense of re-evaluation and changes related to your personal values. What do you value most?  Is your life aligned with what you value? Uranus is communicating  a message from a higher realm. It’s communicating your soul’s desires. It creates sudden changes and reminds you to be flexible with transition. We are breaking free of the 3D model and into true co-creation.  Change is difficult, it’s important to use your spiritual tools to mange these profound transitions.

The Sun/Moon are squaring Chiron in Aries. This is helping you rediscover or reinvent yourself. Chiron supports healing emotional wounds. As you heal and grow it boosts your confidence. With the Sun/Moon in Cap there is change in status and how you present yourself to the world. With Chiron in a fire sign it’s bringing in energy that is inspiring and providing insight into new pathways. It’s preparing for your next level. What areas of your life are expanding? How has your confidence changed?

Review your astrology birth chart and find out where these major changes are taking place. Look for patterns that give you insight into what you’re being called to do.  It provides a road map so you make the most of moving forward.

Tools for the Capricorn New Moon

Essential oils are a powerful tool that support you in releasing emotional blocks, manage stress, open your heart and restore balance. What essential oils are you drawn to use for the New Moon?

Frankincense – enhances your connection to your higher-self. They help you break through limitations, feel more grounded, while connecting with your purpose. Apply along the spine, back of the neck, diffuse or simply breath it in. Blend with Wild Orange for a refreshing and invigorating vibe.

Sandalwood  – supports in quieting the mind so you may hear your inner voice. It enhances reaching higher levels of consciousness, helping you see beyond you current belief system. Put a drop over your Third Eye prior to meditation or other spiritual practices. Use at night to enhance spiritual insight as you dream. Apply over your pulse points, your heart, and over the Third Eye.

Clary Sage – dispels illusions and perceptions that hold you back. It expands your intuitive skills. It tuned you into what you really want, and the path your higher-self is leading you towards.  Apply on the inner part of your arms, along your spine, the bottom of your feet or simply breathe it in to align with what your desires.

Roman Chamomile – supports in finding your life’s purpose. It helps remove distractions and self-sabotaging behaviors, leading you towards more meaningful activities. Use this oil over your Third Eye prior to meditation, and diffuse to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Journal with the Capricorn New Moon
Reclaim your power by purifying your thoughts and emotions, and create clarity with writing.

Gratitude Journal: spend time reviewing the year. Express gratitude for the lessons you’ve learned, the teachers you’ve had and what you’ve achieved. Practice gratitude every day to raise your vibe.

Act as if Journal: New Moon, New Year, New Decade!  Write about your New Year goals “as if” you’ve already achieved them. Engage your senses and emotions to get your creative juices flowing. Start reprogramming your mind with what you want to create. Join us for the Manifesting Abundance Course in January. One of the course activities is a Ace as If Power Panel.

I want to help YOU manifest more! And 2020 is going to be a Magical Year for Manifesting!

Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas.

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The Capricorn New Moon is restructuring and helping you re-evaluate your life.   
It provides a sense of stability and security.

What area of your life is this New Moon influencing?

What intentions or theme are you setting for the New Moon/New Year/New Decade?

How will you stay aligned with your goals?

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