The Moon peaks this week in the sign of Aquarius. The full moon is a culmination of our hopes and dreams since the last new moon. It stirs up emotions, tempers may flair, or put us on edge. It can be an intense time which pushes us to the breaking point, where we breakthrough to a new level of awareness and understanding.
The Aquarius Full Moon
Aquarius helps us awaken to the possibilities. It helps us reach higher towards social justice. As the water bearer, Aquarius helps us share our wisdom with humanity. She draws from divine energies, as flashes of genius emerge. She helps us strive to share resources and support all of humanity. The Full Moon takes place on August 18, 2016 at 5:29am EDT (2:29am PDT), and it’s enhanced by the fact that it is also a lunar eclipse which amplifies its effect on us.
The Aquarius – Leo Axis
This opposition reminds us to find balance between our authentic self (Leo) and how we relate to humanity (Aquarius). The Aquarius full moon reminds us to express our authentic self (Leo) in a way that encourages diversity in our thoughts, truth, and freedom. Aquarius dares us to break the mold and traditions. It motivates us toward helping all of humanity through redistributing resources. As an air sign, Aquarius is dreamy and innovative. Take note of inspiration as it may crack the code to move you closer to your goals. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the sun is in Leo. The fiery energy inspires us to take action, live authentically, and claim our personal power. Let go of old patterns, people and situations that take your power away. Look for ways to honor whatever wants to be expressed through you. Allow yourself to let go of shame and guilt of not being enough, allowing what the divine to express through you.
Aquarius Full Moon Suggestions

  • Find like minded people to associate with that support the changes you’re looking for within yourself and the world. Working with like minded people will inspire you in imaginable ways.
  • Release false perceptions around power, such as by taking power from others, and setting better boundaries.
  • Notice where your input is different than the collective conscious.
  • Use the fire energy of Leo to help release any old wounds related to standing in your power or speaking your truth.
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    Use this powerful Aquarius Full Moon/lunar eclipse to enhance expand your perceptions and reclaim your personal power. Enjoy the Aquarius Full Moon!