The world is turning inside out.
Scorpio brings our inner world to light. Perceptions, beliefs, and emotions that we often hide from the world are brought to the surface with the Scorpio New Moon as we plunge within the shadows of our unseen world.
Powerful, intense, and transformation.
The Scorpio New Moon takes place on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 at 12:47pm EST (9:47am PST). Scorpio’s pushy energy thrusts us into uncovering hidden aspects of ourselves that need to be addressed. This water sign is probing, perceptive, and resourceful. She forces us to strip away the facade and face the truth.
Digging deep.
There is a restlessness that Scorpio brings. Her probing nature wants to get the root of any issue so we can go on with life. As with all water signs, there are deep seated emotions surfacing. Emotional wounds aren’t always pleasant to deal with, but absolutely necessary if we want to manifest our desires. Resolving issues around addiction, control, intimacy, money, and power are superchared with this New Moon.
Scorpio New Moon questions to ponder:
– How can I deepen my relationship with myself and others?
– What personal resources need my attention?
– How do I see myself transforming?
– What cycles of death and rebirth am I experiencing?
Scorpio rules the 8th House – The House of Sex.
Issues related to relationships and interactions that take place on a communal level are highlighted by Scorpio. The 8th House also includes issues related to inheritance, alimony, taxes, and support for others. It’s a good time to review your assets. Look over your stock portfolio or review other assets you may have. Also, if you’re in debt, Scorpio is a good energy to establish a plan to get out of it. Since Scorpio rules lump sum resources, focus on planting seeds of prosperity. Create a visionary plan around abundance, and be open to the miracles.
Scorpio and the 5th Chakra.
The 5th chakra functions as our center of communication and expression. And that’s exactly what Scorpio pushes us to do – communicate what is working and what isn’t. Speaking authentic desires and our truth is a vital part of the healing process. The 5th chakra is the center for our personal voice, willpower, and ability to surrender our will to Divine will. It supports us by being assertive in expressing our truth to others. This brings balance to any relationship.
Imbalances in the throat chakra.
Issues in the throat chakra show up in the physical body as a sore throat, colds, throat issues, thyroid issues, coughing or need to clear the throat, stuffy nose, and congestion. Refer to the Manifesting Essentials Chakra page for information about balancing the throat chakra.
As we enter this new lunar cycle, we are here to help you manage the challenges you’re facing and help you manifesting more of what you want. We offer a FREE monthly New Moon calls.
Scorpio New Moon Conference Call
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
9 pm ET |8 pm CT |7 pm MT | 6 pm PT

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During the call we will discuss

  • Characteristics of this New Moon
  • Information to enhance manifesting
  • Advice on emotional healing and chakra balances to shift your vibe
  • Guided imagery meditation
  • You may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity. The call will be recorded and posted on *PODCASTS PAGE* after the call.
    Scorpio brings darker lessons home.
    During this new moon we get to meet the lovely shadows of fear, control, possessiveness, and jealousy head on. The Scorpio New Moon reminds us that when we do the work, we completely revamp and revitalize ourselves. Join us on Tuesday for the Scorpio New Moon conference call.