Dive deep into your hidden world with the Scorpio New Moon. It’s the most profound and emotional of all the astrology signs. Each new moon provides an opportunity for new beginnings. It’s time of planting seeds, setting intentions, and starting new projects. The Scorpio New Moon refines your perceptions and enhances your spiritual growth. This new moon may be highly creative and turbulent at the same time since there are some significant changes taking place in the stars.

Ignite Your Passions
The passionate and transformative Scorpio New Moon takes place on November 7, 2018 at 11:01 am EDT (8:01 am PDT). Scorpio is a water sign, and deeply sensitive and intuitive. It may drudge up emotional wounds, limitations, fears, and doubts. With this new moon, review issues related to money, shared resources, death, taxes, addiction, and anything that you would prefer to keep “hidden.”  Scorpio sheds light on what needs to be seen and resolved. Set a new intention around your spiritual growth. Magnify your results by finding out what House this new moon falls in for you.

This highly charged new moon may feel like a full moon. It’s energy is raw, creative, and inspirational. Observe what’s taking place within you. What is triggering you? What tools help you feel more peaceful and calm? Use journaling, meditation, exercise, and other tools to help you let go of past programming, perceptions, and patterns to make room for something new. Scorpio supports you in learning the lessons, releasing, and renewing yourself by surrendering the need control the outcome. With resourcefulness and inventiveness guiding your intuition, watch the demons of doubt that come in to squash creative ideas before they begin to take root. With so much transition taking place during November, it’s important to tune into your inner world so you don’t get pulled into the collective turbulence. What helps you find inner peace? What supports you in feeling balanced? Find ways to stay grounded and promote inner harmony.

Five steps to support you with Scorpio:
1) Look at what is important and matters to you and let go of the rest
2) Strengthen your spiritual practice; even taking 3 long breaths every hour will help attune to energies around you
3) Slow down… slow down… slow down – getting caught in busyness stops your intuitive connection
4) Release resistance, believing that everything is working out for the best
5) Give yourself permission to surrender, allowing the Universe to carry you whenever possible

Cosmic Influences
During November there are some big changes taking place. Jupiter has been in Scorpio for the past 13 months, and is in that last degrees there. This is a time to release anything that no longer serves you. It’s important to see what House it is falling in for you, so you can target that area of your life. There has been so much transition coming to the surface related to the Me Too Movement, which is the energy of Jupiter in Scorpio. On November 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for the next year, which brings in new perspectives, travel, expanding your horizons, spiritual development, motivation, and helps you shift things that take you out of mundane activities. Jupiter is about going beyond the norm. It inspires you to go on a quest of finding the truth of your own existence, going beyond what you see, deeply connecting with your higher consciousness, being in nature, lightening up, and having more fun!

Mercury is now in the shadow of turning retrograde. It will be officially retrograde November 16th in the sign of Sagittarius. It dips back into Scorpio before moving forward again on December 6th. Mercury is the planet of communication. This influences how we communicate with others, electronic devices, and the electromagnetic field of the earth.  It’s a good time to slow down and review any communication, so your message is being received as intended – review, revisit, revise, and reconnect.

Attune to Your Soul Gifts
Scorpio helps you connect with your soul gifts. These are your unique gifts, that light up your heart. Your gifts add value to the world. They are blessings the come through your heart, not your head. Scorpio helps you connect more deeply with this inspiration and creativity. It supports you by giving you courage and to be an open, so clear channel to the messages you are meant to share. Are you willing to listen to the message and follow the guidance of your heart?

Tools to Support the Scorpio New Moon
Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others.

Three of my favorite oils for the Scorpio New Moon are Cilantro, Bergamot, and doTERRA’s Align Blend. Theses oils applied over the heart or along the spine support letting go (Cilantro), boosting self confidence (Bergamot) and aligning with your higher soul’s purpose (doTERRA’s Align Blend)

Join us right after the New Moon call for our Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oils class. You’ll learn more about how they support you with manifesting, as well as supporting you – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Gratitude Journal – One of the most powerful practices you can adopt is an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is a Gift. It enhances and expands your vibe, especially the magnetic field of your heart. It raises your vibration so you attract and manifest more. November is a great month to think about all of your blessings. In addition to gratitude, use these journal prompts to inspire you.

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Scorpio New Moon is powerful, creative, and transformative. 

Fine tune your perceptions and personal growth by tuning into your inner compass.

What will you reclaim with the Scorpio New Moon? How will you surrender more?

Join us for the live Masterclass on November 6th.

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