Home is where the heart is, and yet we spend so much time seeking something outside of us that provides a sense of security. As we approach the Cancer Full Moon it’s a time of assessing Home Base and strengthening inner connections, creating emotional security. With the Winter Solstice and Cancer Full Moon back to back, it’s a deeply reflective time to turn inward and determine what home really means to you.

Home Sweet Home
When I was young I thought I would buy a home and live there forever. My kids could return to their childhood home and reminisce about the good ‘ole days. Well that never happened. In fact we’ve lived in seven different houses with four major moves. The funny thing is that I’ve lived in this house for six years, and that’s the longest I’ve lived anywhere since leaving my parents home. Crazy!

I Am Home
My perspective about “home” had to change. All of the transitions and outward chaos that comes with moving taught me one very important lesson. I Am Home. I had to be the emotional stability, for myself and my kids, to weather our transitions; and to make each move into an adventure, filled with wonder and magic. This meant that I needed to have enough inner security to navigate the emotional waves that came with embracing uncertainty with each transition. Each move came with only part of the answer.

One move I didn’t have housing or a job. It was a crazy time and I had to pick up and move one night with two little ones. It took me two weeks to find a house, and the day after we moved in I got a call for temp work. The next move I had the house lined up and some contract accounting work, but wasn’t earning enough to make it financially. Over the next couple of months I found clients to strengthen my financial position. This last move I had the job before I moved, but it took four months to find a house. I lived in a hotel and a student’s house during the summer before moving into the house I’m in now. These experiences taught me that no choice will be easy or perfect. I had to be flexible and allow things to open up in the right time frame, not mine. And I NEVER had all of the pieces of the puzzle. I had to focus on the step in front of me, without projecting into the future, never knowing where I would land. It always worked out, but never as expected. I learned to have faith in the process, and trust my higher-self.

Cancer Full Moon
The Cancer Full Moon is a reminder that you are home. It reels you into an emotional inner journey. Its watery energy is highly sensitive and nurturing. It illuminates the people who fostered or neglected your emotional security – helping you discover unresolved resentments related to feeling abandoned, neglected, or rejected. This is a great full moon to reflect on what security means to you. It takes place on December 22, 2018 at 12:48 pm ET (9:48 am PT). It reminds you to nurture yourself and create a strong emotional Home Base. As you strengthen your emotion base, you allow yourself to awaken more fully. You trust in yourself and the process, building confidence. Review your birth chart and see what astrology House the moon is moving through for you. This will help you align your intentions with the emotionally rich energy the Cancer Full Moon provides.

How can you nurture yourself more?

What comforts will make you feel more at home?

What does family mean to you?

Answering these questions will help you navigate your emotions and this full moon.

Heightened Sensitivity
The Cancer Full Moon is enhanced by the Winter Solstice which takes place on December 21, 2018 at 5:22pm ET (2:22pm PT). The Winter Solstice is a deeply introspective time. With the least amount of sunlight, it’s a time to tune into what strengthens your inner light. Out of the darkest nights of the year comes renewal, hope, and a birth of new light. As we wrap up the year, it is an introspective time of review, as well as, an opportunity for change. The sun is multi-dimensional, supporting all of life in the physical world. As the days begin to get longer, the sun ignites the divine fire within to move to the next level.

Advice for the Winter Solstice
Winter is a time of introspection. It’s time to feed your spirit and nurture your soul. Cultivate rituals, relationships with yourself, family, and friends. With less daylight, it is a reminder to seek peace and balance within. As we emerge from this time, we integrate what we have learned and gain wisdom from our journey. During the Solstice think about how you want to show up in the world. What have you learned? What can you do to enhance and hold more light each day?

Attune Yourself
With the solstice, there is a heightened energy that calls for us to be more alert and alive. Listen to the inner wisdom for guidance and direction, by releasing fears and the need to control. The overall theme is to focus on what you want to change within yourself versus having desires to change others. By letting go you’ll move faster and farther towards your desired results.

What will you do to nurture yourself for the Cancer Full Moon and Solstice?

With the Cancer Full Moon, what will you release?

What will you reclaim?

Home is where the heart is… slow down and be home!

Happy Solstice and Cancer Full Moon!