The Sagittarius New Moon inspires you to lighten up and laugh more. It’s uplifting, inspirational and pushes you to grow outside of your comfort zone. With the sun, moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius it’s a powerful time to expand your dreams and think outside of the box.

Sagittarius New Moon
The Sagittarius New Moon takes place on December 7, 2018 at 2:21am EDT (Dec 6th 11:21pm PDT). Sagittarius is a fire sign which inspires action. There may be sudden flashes of insight and bursts of enthusiasm. Just like the flames of a fire, Sagittarius sparks are impulsive and help move ideas out there. It’s positive perspective may create inner motivation for something bigger and better, helping you shake free of limitations. With inner vision, Sagittarius may your inspire dreams far beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Are you familiar with the 5 second rule? Basically it says that you have 5 seconds after receiving inspiration that you’ll typically talk yourself out of the idea for whatever reason. Instead of doing that listen with an open mind and heart and see where it leads you. Outrun your brain, and fears, by following through with inspiration in the moment.

Sagittarius is generous and helps focus less on your issues. Look at all the good things that are taking place instead. Who is helping you? Let go of expectations of how you believe things should happen so you allow for miracles. Flexibility it key with this New Moon as there are 5 planets in mutable signs. Mutable signs help you grow and pushes boundaries. If there is resistance then growth won’t happen, so surrender to any areas that are expanding for you. Find out what astrology house this New Moon is falling in for you, so you align with whatever is for your highest good.  My empowering question for the Sagittarius New Moon is, “How does life get any better than this?” And you know what? That sends a message to the subconscious to figure out how to make my life better. It’s one tool I use to manifesting miracles every day.

Random Acts of Kindness 
With Sagittarius generous spirit it’s a good time to consciously engage in generous acts. A simple act of kindness raises your vibe because it stimulates serotonin. It raises the vibe of the recipient and anyone else who witnesses the act of kindness. Want to shift your vibe in a big way? Blasting past your current limitations? Join us for a Random Acts of Kindness Challenge – 12-day Gift of Giving.

It’s free, fun and frequency (vibe) changing. It runs December 9th – 20th. It helps connect you more deeply with yourself and others – even random strangers. It’s an amazingly magnetic activity, where you end up attracting miracles to you as you give more. Are you in?

Tools to Support the Sagittarius New Moon
Essential oils are a powerful tool that support opening the heart and helping you restore love and trust within yourself and others.

Frankincense and Myrrh are two of my favorite picks for the Sagittarius New Moon. Frankincense is the King of Oils. It helps dispel illusion, seeing the truth of situations, people, and yourself. It helps you claim your inner authority and resolve issues you may have with authority figures. Using it prior to meditation helps you connect more deeply with your higher-self.

Myrrh is earthy, grounding, and supportive.  It brings in the energy of Mother Earth – nurturing and compassionate. It supports with emotional issues related to connecting with mother figures and any feelings related to abandonment, neglect or feeling unloved. Apply Myrrh to the bottom of your feet to help anchor you to the earth.

For a year I applied Frankincense and Myrrh over my heart to resolve any masculine and feminine issues and restore balance in the Divine Masculine and Feminine. It was a powerfully transformative experience!

Join us right after the New Moon call for our Good Vibe Oil Tribe essential oils class. You’ll learn more about how they support you with manifesting, as well as supporting you – mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Joy Journal – Finding joy when surrounded by fear, uncertainty and chaos is one of the most powerful ways to keep your vibe high. Create a list of things that bring you joy, then do things off the list everyday. You can do things that are free or that cost you money – either way you’re actively choosing joy. Being in joy helps you attract more joy. What will be on your joy list?

Journal Prompts
Use these journal prompts to help you gain clarity and formulate ideas. During the new moon journal “as if” your goals have already been achieved. It’s a very powerful tool to engage the imagination and plant seeds in the subconscious. People that visualize themselves achieving their goals are more likely to achieve them. Visualize yourself making the sell, getting the job, building healthy relationships, being fit and healthy, or whatever your goals are for the new moon.

FREE monthly New Moon Masterclass
Each month we offer additional insights into the new moon with a live masterclass. During the masterclass you’ll learn how to work with the new moon energy, attune with the natural lunar rhythms, and finish up the masterclass with a guided imagery meditation to magnetize your new moon intentions. Join us – it’s FREE!

During the masterclass and meditation you may experience some interesting epiphanies that enhance your creativity and open you up for deeper messages from your higher-self. If you can’t make the live call, it will we be recorded and posted shortly after the live call.

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Sagittarius New Moon Masterclass
Wednesday – December 5, 2018
9 pm ET |8 pm CT |7 pm MT |6 pm PT

During the call we will discuss

  • Characteristics of this New Moon

  • Information to enhance manifesting

  • Tools to support emotional healing and chakra balances to shift your vibe

  • Guided imagery meditation

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Sagittarius New Moon is creative, generous and expansive. 

Fine tune your perceptions and personal growth by tuning into your inner compass.

What will you reclaim with the Sagittarius New Moon? What part of your life will you expand?

Join us for the live Masterclass on December 5th.

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