We jump start June with the Full Moon in Sagittarius on Monday June 4, 2012 at 7:11am EDT (4:11am PDT). This Full Moon is shadowed by a Lunar Eclipse, diminishing the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius influence. The Lunar Eclipse combined with the Full Moon illuminates endings. This influence will be with us for up to six months. It’s time to let go of the old dreams before pursuing new ones.
With the Lunar Eclipse you may experience emotional highs and lows. Eclipses tend to speed up resolving issues, facing challenges, and thrusting us to the next step. The Full Moon gives us the extra burst of energy needed to break through barriers and limitations. The desire for change has been sitting within for some time now. And the Full Moon illuminates the path ahead. Emotions during a Full Moon tend to be raw and untamed. This surge of energy can spur healthy action, or feelings of restless and frustration.
Staying focused on what is most important to you, and where you’re Creator is directing you is the key to riding the tide of this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. Observe yourself and your situation without judgment, remaining open to possibilities that seem far fetched. Most importantly be flexible towards releasing expectations and false beliefs that lead to frustration or disappointments.
With every Full Moon there is a need to seek balance between the moon (Sagittarius) and the sun (Gemini). When the sun and moon are in opposition there is a tug or war. It begins within us and radiates outward. Beware of the inner turmoil so you avoid projecting your insecurities, doubts, fears, or frustrations onto others.
Reclaim your power by using affirmations, meditation, exercise, yoga, or spending time in nature to help you work through transitions and stay grounded. There is a great reservoir of strength and courage within you. Call upon your guides, God, and any beings to help you heal and move forward. Allow the Lunar Eclipse to rinse away the past, while the Full Moon in Sagittarius reveals what false beliefs need to be resolved. Use this time to break through the undesirable patterns that keep you from manifesting what you want.