The Full Moon in Virgo on February 25, 2013 at 3:26pm EST (12:26pm PST) is sure to bring perspective. To make the most of this Full Moon, think big. Look at where you’re going versus where you’ve been.
Things come to light under the Full Moon. While the New Moon is introspective, the Full Moon is public. With the Full Moon, energy bursts forth with an often raw, unrefined exuberance. The emotional declarations usually have not been rationalized. They may appear to be “out of the blue,” “loony” and sometimes “immature.” But the surge of emotional energy can inspire healthy action and healing. There is something that needs to get out of your system. Whatever it is needs attention and validation.
The desire for change has been sitting within you for a while now. The Full Moon induces action. Watch any tendencies to project your own state of restlessness or frustrations onto others. Look at any desire to blame outside circumstances or other people for your own aggravations. And notice any irritations you are feeling towards others. This is a good indicator of what you need to work on since the moon reflects issues back to you. For example, if you’re feeling impatient and blaming others, find ways to manage your reaction and practice patience.
With the Full Moon a polarity is created between the sun and moon. This pull causes an element of emotional instability. You may feel torn between focusing on details (Virgo) versus inner development and mystical/spiritual pursuits. It highlights the real (Virgo) and the ideal (Pisces); function versus fantasy. You may experience breakthroughs in the intellectual (Virgo) or emotional (Pisces). And with expansive Jupiter’s influence you may finally move beyond stubborn limiting patterns, habits, and beliefs.
Find balance with this contrast through prayer, meditation, or whatever methods you find effective to help you be grounded and centered. Once balanced, pay attention to whatever patterns, habits or beliefs are being illuminated. Ask the Universe to assist you in releasing it and replace it with what you want. For example, release scarcity and replace with abundance and prosperity. If you want more love, then release resentments and replace with self-love. Whatever you want, find it within before seeking it outside. Validate your progress, and above all be patient.
The Full Moon is a great time to let go of perceived security and attachments, solidifying your belief in a continuous flow of resources. For example, the Universe doesn’t have large bank accounts, there is a continuous flow of money as needed. Stop any thoughts of scarcity with affirmations such as, “The Universe unconditionally supports me financially by __________________.” A good ongoing exercise is to describe all the ways you want the Universe to support you – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Be clear with you intentions, and let go of any preconceived perceptions of “how” you’ll be supported.
With the Full Moon in Virgo be present, playful, flexible, spontaneous, open to the unexpected, and inspired by surprises. Most importantly allow love, change, growth, and deep healing!
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