FullMoon on NewMoonManifesting.comThe moon reaches its full illumination on Thursday March 8, 2012 at 4:41am EST (1:41am PST). This Full Moon in Virgo is a great time to review your New Moon goals and adjust your wishes. It’s an emotional time emphasizing romance and relationships.
This Full Moon is a balancing act between two mutable signs Pisces and Virgo. It may bring to light frustrations that impede you, habits that limit your progress, and areas where you need more discipline. It’s time to focus on your own journey and kick out any voices (inside or out) that keep you swimming in fear and denial.
The Full Moon will also enlighten what still needs to be healed within us both psychically (Pisces) and physically (Virgo). Finding balance between day-to-day functions and routines (Virgo) while expanding our spirituality and vision (Pisces) may be a challenge. Some sort of crisis or expanded awareness provides an opportunity to explore our emotional needs, or lead us on an unexpected or unconventional course.
Are you fed up with all the drama? With the help of Mars in Pisces, it’s a time to break out and break free. The old patterns have to be broken before new pathways can emerge. Instead of reacting to unexpected changes and challenges, take a step back, take a deep breath, and ask yourself, “What is emerging for my highest good out of this situation?” You’ll be amazed how perceptions shift and you see things differently providing a segway to a bright future.
Changes are happening and you can choose to embrace or resist them. They are going to happen whether you’re ready or not. Resistance is futile and only creates frustration. You’re being guided on a path that is for your highest good. Learn to let go, and go with the flow. Embrace your fears by packing them up and bringing them with you. By simply acknowledging them your perceptions of them will change. This Full Moon is very supportive and you may find you have more strength than you realized ;-).
It’s time to express yourself, letting the lid off of everything you’ve been holding inside. Over the next couple of weeks be open to what is expanding in your world. You’ll be amazed if you go with the flow. Use this Full Moon in Virgo to express what emotions are showing up. By expressing your emotions you’ll speak your truth, and stand in your power. Once you reclaim your power you attract and manifest more.