Full Moon on New Moon Manifesting
On Friday March 18, 2011 at 11:10am PDT (2:10pm EDT) is the point where the moon reaches its full glory.
During this full moon, the moon will be closer to the earth than any other full moon in the past 18 years. As a result, the full moon may drum up some big stuff for you.
This coupled with unpredictable Uranus’ influence at this time may stir up emotions and events that need your full attention now. Uranus brings with it sudden emotional shifts and unexpected events. So be prepared!
Mother Earth is in a state of shedding her old patterns, just as we need to also. Seeing the devastation created in Japan is a reminder of how vulnerable we all are to shifts in the Earth’s energy. In a split second our lives can be completely changed.
As we approach the full moon later this week, be aware that it may bring up intense opportunities for your life to shift also. Now is the time to acknowledge and address what emotions still need to be resolved. No longer can it be swept under the rug. It’s coming up for a reason and working with it will assist you in healing. As you heal and resolve the past you’ll open the door to new opportunities and spiritual evolution.
Maintaining a sense of gratitude and faith will help you overcome any adversity, drama, and trauma that comes to the surface this week.