The Full Moon in Scorpio occurs on Saturday, May 5, 2012 at 11:36pm EDT (8:36pm PDT). Taurus’ steady progress is opposite Scorpio’s desire for transformation. The theme to keep in mind with this Full Moon is to focus on the challenges that come up around your values.
This Full Moon is a balancing act between content Taurus and ravenous Scorpio. It’s time to face what is going on inside as the Full Moon casts it’s light upon emotions, beliefs, and patterns that need your attention. You’re being directed to resolve the shadow side and transform it to light.
Taurus’ energy deals with personal values, the material world, and security while Scorpio rules transformation, change, and destruction. The foundation you thought was secure may be shaking at this time as false beliefs and values are being destroyed bringing in purity, truth, and deepening our human experience.
Instead of clinging to fears and the past, shift your beliefs that letting go is a good thing. It’s time to let go of the people, objects, and situations that no longer support you. As long as you’re doing the healing work you’ll understand that death leads to rebirth; the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Stress will be felt for those that choose to avoid facing transitions, challenges, and change.
Use affirmations, meditations, and yoga to help you work through transitions and stay grounded. You’re also supported by the Universe to face your challenges. There is a great reservoir of strength and courage within you. Call upon your guides, God, and any other entities to help you heal to your highest perfection. The Full Moon in Scorpio will reveal what habits need to be broken. Use this time to break through the undesirable patterns that keep you from manifesting what you want.