Full Moon on NewMoonManifesting.comThe Full Moon is a time of culmination of what began with the New Moon. The Full Moon in Libra is opposite of the sun in Aries on Friday April 6, 2012 at 3:20pm EDT (12:20pm PDT). The Full Moon reflects our emotions, with this particular axis focused on the polarity of relationships.
The Libra Full Moon suggests we find balance in relationships of all kinds. Where are the scales out of balance? Giving and receiving are important aspects of any healthy relationship. Where in your relationships does there need to be more fairness and harmony? This Full Moon will illuminate areas that need your attention. The first instinct with the Libra energy is to fix things and bring them back into balance.
Change in any relationship is based upon change within yourself or the other person. Ask your Creator for guidance to determine who should change. If one changes to appease the situation instead of speaking one’s truth then the lesson may be lost. If it is necessary for the other person to change, then ask your Creator for courage to speak your Truth with them. Speaking your Truth is a very liberating and transformative experience; restoring your power.
Emotions are heightened during any Full Moon, but Aries’ emphasis is on satisfying the “self,” and Libra’s emphasis is on satisfying “others.” This polarity may cause distress between wanting to win and creating win-win situations. In a heightened emotional state it’s difficult to shift your perspective because of the imbalance. It is better to come back and re-examine the situation when your emotions have calmed down.
Emotions are an indicator that a belief system or pattern is presenting itself for clearing. Emotions are a point of reference that your Creator is using to point the way for healing. Pay attention to what you are being shown! By learning how to work with emotional indicators, you can quickly transform and heal yourself. One way you can break the belief or pattern is to detach from your emotions and look at the situation without the emotions clouding your perspective.
Use affirmations, meditation, and grounding techniques to help shift old patterns to new ones.
Suggested Full Moon in Libra Affirmations:
~ I am supportive of important relationships with myself and others
~ I am grateful for the partnerships in my life
~ I am at peace with myself and in relationships
~ I am balanced in relationships
~ I am honest and fair in relationships
~ I easily speak my Truth

If you want something to be different in your life, then you have to be different. Abraham Hicks said, “You have the ability to begin a new pattern, to tell a new story, to achieve a different vibration, to change your point of attraction.” By changing the emotions that are surfacing during this Full Moon in Libra you will vibrate differently, and begin to attract different stuff to you. Manifest your dreams with the power of the Full Moon in Libra on April 6, 2012.