NewMoonManifesting.comSunday, April 17th at 10:44pm EDT (7:44pm PDT) the moon reaches its fullest point. At this time we have the opportunity to gain clarity with ourselves and in our relationships with the full moon in Libra.
The accommodating Libra moon trines self-reliant Aries sun bringing in an explosive opportunity for expansion, growth and accelerating our evolution. To many people, this time may feel like an earthquake as the energy is shaken up. For those who feel the need to control everything, this time may be very disturbing.
At this time it could be easy to get caught in dramas around you. You can circumvent this by letting go of your desire to fix things/people, and recognize the only person you can change or fix is yourself.
The best thing you can do at this time is work on yourself. What emotions, beliefs, and patterns are coming up for you that you need to address at this time? Acknowledge them, let them go, and replace them with what you want to create. Also, find like minded people to be around to support your beliefs, growth and evolution.
To offset any intensity or drama in your life, spend time in nature or find quiet time for yourself. Shaking free from old paradigms may feel uncomfortable, but know that you are constantly supported by your higher-self. Use the power within you to give you the courage to take your necessary steps and embrace the changes being presented to you during the full moon.