This week the Full Moon in Leo intensifies emotions on Valentine’s Day (February 14th) at 6:53 pm EST (3:53 pm PST). The Heart of the Lion brings in a playful tone with this Full Moon. It is a time of romance, heightened awareness, and healing as the moon reflects emotionally what we still need to resolve..
The Leo-Aquarius polarity focuses on striking a balance between what is personal (Leo) and what is impersonal (Aquarius). Leo is the king of the jungle and has nothing to fear. It is creative, passionate, dramatic, spontaneous, and boosts the individual ego through playfulness. The Aquarius Sun focuses on the group and more impersonal relationships.
With Mercury retrograde, this full moon will be illuminating our thoughts and communication related to our personal needs and desires. Leo awakens our creativity and self-expression. With Mercury retrograde this could prove interesting. There may be a flare for the dramatic as Leo is the archetype of the actors of the world. Emotions often burst forth with any Full Moon. So it may be wise to think before you speak to soften any declarations that are stimulated by the Leo Full Moon.
Leo wants to be more than just a team player. It wants to let it’s light shine. You may be inspired to take a new direction or have insight into your existing goals that lead you further towards their success. Use this insight as an opportunity to grow, knowing that what is coming up may not be necessarily rational. Sit with the new insight over the next couple of weeks to ensure it is aligned with your highest good.
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With the Full Moon in Leo