Early Tuesday morning the Full Moon in Gemini occurs at 4:29am ET (1:29am PT). The Gemini- Sagittarius opposition is a polarity between the higher and lower mind. The Gemini Moon approaches things from a logical perspective, while Sagittarius stretches us to venture beyond our comfort level. Ultimately during a Full Moon our lesson is to find balance between these two influences.
Gemini rules the lower mind, the conscious mind and rational thought. It rules communication, thoughts patterns, habits, and our speaking style. Any projects you’re working on related to speaking, writing, and social media will be expanded at this time with Sagittarius because Sagittarius takes plans to a heightened state. It wants to get the information out there. Ideas are amplified and projects are expanded with this Full Moon.
With this Gemini Full Moon issues related to trusting in Divine guidance will be amplified. Do you trust your higher-self to guide and direct your life? If not, you’re in good company. Many people find it difficult to let go and trust their needs are going to be fulfilled. The rational mind wants to see proof, justifies, and looks for evidence to support. Yet, following this course of action discounts one key factor in the manifesting equation – Faith.
Embracing faith is one of the most difficult challenges of our humanness. We must reach beyond what we perceive with our five senses and allow an unseen energy to assist us. Whenever there have been issues where trust has been violated, it is sometimes difficult to allow a higher power to assist us. There is desire to control situations or life, versus learning to live in flow.
So how do we live in flow and abundance? Zig Zigler said, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Having a healthy mind-set is vital in this process. Removing negative thoughts and affirming your success is vital in shifting your vibration. It’s a good time to check in with your attitude with this Full Moon. Attitude is everything. With Gemini, we can use the power of the mind to heal the body. We can also strengthen the mind and spirit; empowering ourselves so we bring in what we want in 2014.
The Full Moon is a culmination of intentions that were initiated with the New Moon. It lights up the sky and symbolically illuminates areas of our lives that need attention. It’s typically a highly emotional time. The energy of the Full Moon is raw and unrefined. There may be ideas bursting forth which breakthrough barriers and limitations. Many of these ideas are like a light bulb turning on. We now “see” what needs to be done to make changes. It may cause us to speak without thinking. Take time to process the information prior to blurting out any declarations or defined plans.
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Use this next week to celebrate your accomplishments, your hopes, your dreams, your expansion, and most importantly – celebrating you! And join us for the Full Moon in Gemini class on Monday December 16th.