Happy Solstice and Full Moon in Capricorn! The Solstice occurs at June 21, 2013 at 1:04am EDT (10:04 pm PDT June 20th), and amplifies the effect of the Full Moon, which occurs on Sunday June 23, 2013 at 7:33am EDT (4:33am PDT).
Each Full Moon illuminates our inner world; helping us see what lies beneath the surface. Through this enlightening time we may see issues, emotions, and perceived limitations that need attention. Instead of being critical or judgmental of the actions and behavior of others, look at each incident and ask yourself, “How does this relate to something within me that needs attention?”
The duality of the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Cancer causes us to balance material interests (Capricorn) with personal ones (Cancer). The grounding energy of Capricorn encourages us to keep moving forward. Its focus on our “needs” helps us attract the nurturing, practical support that is necessary to fulfill our dreams.
Capricorn brings up issues related to resourcefulness, financial stability, systems, structure, and external needs. It rules the 10th House – the House of Social Status which includes your ambition, motivation, career, status in society, and the way you present yourself to others.
The Cancer axis seeks emotional stability. Since emotions run deep, the Crab often sidesteps issues instead of facing them directly. If we are willing to face the issues that are coming to light, then Capricorn will support us getting to the root cause of them. There is a big opportunity to develop inner strength and see our truth. By seeing our truth we remove perceptions that falsely filter information. With perspectives shifted it is easier to navigate the path, attracting what is needed to succeed.
In honor of the Full Moon we are holding a Full Moon Healing conference call on Monday, June 24, 2013 at 9pm EDT (6pm PST). Click here to register. Can’t join us live? The call will be recorded and a link sent to you to listen at your convenience.
The key to this Full Moon is finding balance between Capricorn’s external ambition with Cancer’s inner needs. Join us for the powerful healing energy of the Full Moon in Capricorn on Monday June 24th.