There will more than just fireworks lighting up the night sky this week. On Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 2:52pm EDT (11:52am PDT) we experience the Full Moon in Capricorn. The Full Moon is a culmination of what began with the New Moon. It is an expansive time where we look outwardly towards the fruits of our labor.
The Cancer-Capricorn polarity brings up concerns between the private life and need for a home base (Cancer) and the public view of career and reputation (Capricorn). The need for a strong home-base is being pulled by the need for responsibility to others. It’s a reminder to solidify commitments to family as well as to our career. Speak up and express your heart’s desires. It will help balance the scales.
Capricorn brings a slow, steady pace that prompts us to go deeply into old perceptions and patterns of what needs to be cleared out or adjusted. A door may rapidly open as the chains that have been binding are loosened. Cancer supports our healing at this time with its ability to resolve deep emotional issues; use this time to journal emotional outbursts so the patterns and healing can begin.
With the Full Moon we often get glimpses of possibilities as our emotions are heightened. These insights are the foundation of big dreams and need to be nurtured on a regular basis. Take time to listen to your heart and find the courage to take the necessary steps towards the dreams.
With any Full Moon it’s wise to incorporate some sort of ritual where there is a celebration of life. It’s a good time to express gratitude, release emotions, and celebrate life. The Full Moon in Capricorn is rooted in the energy of the physical structures or systems of life. There may be moments of uncertainty as systems that appeared to be stable are crumbling. This opens up a realm of new possibilities as a new foundation is being laid for the future. To navigate uncharted waters, be open and receptive to change.
The Full Moon in Capricorn supports the physical body. It is a good time to nurture yourself, giving it the love and attention it deserves!