With the Full Moon in sensitive Cancer on Friday December 28, 2012 at 5:21am EST (2:21am PST), emotions are running high. This is the last Full Moon of the year before entering 2013. What are you willing to leave behind?
The Capricorn – Cancer opposition is an interesting one. These two signs intensify the home, emotional intimacy, the need for security, and building a solid foundation. Capricorn represents the patriarch, while Cancer represents the matriarch.
The Cancer – Capricorn opposition illuminates your home base, including those that are close to you, and your sense of belonging. Hidden needs and unsettled emotions are being highlighted with the Full Moon. Also, Saturn and Scorpio create a favorable trine with the moon, where you’ll feel supported to let go of unsatisfying situations, making room for more fulfilling ones.
The Moon in Cancer brings us into balance with compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Cancer finds its strength in emotional independence. It’s a good time to resolve any co-dependent situations and relationships, making room for relationships that are rooted in integrity (Capricorn). Co-dependent situations keep the second/third chakras imbalanced because self-worth is connected to what you do or who needs you. You’ll feel liberated and balanced by releasing these situations.
With the Sun in Capricorn, you are able to find your center. It gives you a strong footing for resolving emotional baggage and conditioned responses. This transition opens you up to seek more fulfilling relationships in 2013.
For our Full Moon in Cancer ritual, we are making lists of what we want to release. Taking our list to the beach to burn it and bury it in the sand along with amethyst crystals. The smoke from the fire releasing our intentions to the Universe, while burying the ashes is symbolic of creating fertile soil for planting new intentions. Amethyst offers powerful spiritual protection and is a stone of meditation, peace and healing.
On the lighter side, the moon also casts its glow upon viable paths for the future. An influx of ideas and inspiration may guide you upon a new course. Consciously integrate the subtle messages and suggestions from Spirit into your daily routine, creating a foundation that supports and sustains your growth.
Be receptive, honor your feelings, and tune into your dreams at this time. Now matter what changes you’re experiencing, stay positive by using affirmations to transmute old patterns into new ones. Look at survival fears that are cropping up and shift your thoughts towards the “Universe supporting” all of your needs. Use this Full Moon in Cancer to find practical ways to feel more secure and emotionally stable.