Compassion is the key word this week as we move into the Full Moon in Cancer. It occurs this week on January 15, 2014 at 11:53pm ET (8:43pm PT). The Cancer Full Moon sets us up for emotional healing. With this axis we are influenced by the water-earth elements; seeking balance between the Cancer Moon (water) and Capricorn Sun (earth).
The Moon symbolizes our heart and soul. It is our emotional filter to the world. We are driven by the need to tell us what we need to feel secure. With the Cancer Full Moon our focus turns to nurturing and caring for others as well as ourselves.
Each week there will be Facebook posts related to key words to help you stay on track with emotional healing and manifesting. This week our key word is compassion – the foundation of Cancer.
With every Full Moon emotions are heightened. Since Cancer is the empath, emotions will be even more intense. Cancer evaluates life through feelings. Issues related to home, family, caring, and nurturing will be on the forefront as outside influences trigger emotions. It’s a good time to work through issues related to how you care for others, who cares for you, and how you care for yourself. Cancer represents the archetype of the Mother. Notice any tendencies of taking care of other more than yourself and make adjustments.
On the opposite end of the axis we have Capricorn, who is encouraging us to take authority in our lives related to career, money, debt, and taxes. As Cancer is the archetype of the mother, Capricorn is the archetype of the father. This duality may crop up in other areas of your life such as unresolved emotional wounds in between you and parents. Who do you still need to forgive? It may also highlight finding ways to balance the masculine and feminine energies within.
The Full Moon is a time of emotional fullness from the outside in. Being more aware and conscious will help you overcome whatever the moon is illuminating for you.
Honor yourself with the Full Moon in Cancer by clicking here to register for the Full Moon in Cancer Healing Class held on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 9pm EST (6pm PST). During this live conference call we will discuss healing with the Cancer Full Moon, balancing Power Centers (Chakra) related to Cancer and Capricorn, and use the power of a Full Moon Meditation to release emotions, and shift beliefs and patterns.
Follow the path that is most illuminated as you work through emotions related to finding balance between caring for others and caring for yourself. Create a ritual around the Full Moon in Cancer or join us on Wednesday January 15th for some deep emotional healing.