The first Full Moon of the New Year highlights the opposition between Capricorn and Cancer on Monday January 9, 2012 at 2:32am ET (Jan 8th at 11:32pm PT). The Full Moon can be a time of inspiration and enlightenment, or a source of anxiety and fear.
The Capricorn – Cancer opposition is an interesting one. These two signs intensify the home, emotional intimacy, need for security, and building a solid foundation. Capricorn represents the patriarch, while Cancer represents the matriarch. Cancer moon “feels” what others need, and have a strong desire to fulfill it. The Capricorn masculine energy often overpowers the Cancer feminine moon because of the belief that all things masculine are more worthwhile than the feminine attributes. But this is shifting on a macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic level. So whether you’re male or female, learn to honor, embrace and integrate feminine characteristics.
This can be done by looking at what is happening around you and consciously nurture yourself and others in a new way. Ask your Creator when it’s time to step in and help, when to offer advice, or when it’s necessary to sit back and watch, allowing things to unfold. These are the characteristics of a great mother.
During this Full Moon, allow your artistic side to step forth and expand your creativity. Think outside the box. Do something out of character or eccentric. Try something new. Do something that shakes up the old routine to build a new foundation.
The Full Moon reveals our emotional character and deeper needs. Beliefs, emotions, and patterns that have been in the shadows are enlightened by the moons reflection. The moon also highlights security fears and compulsive reactions. Take note of what is still lurking in the shadows, and take steps towards confronting fears and resolving emotional distress.
On the lighter side, the moon also casts its glow upon viable paths for the future. An influx of ideas and inspiration may guide you upon a new course. Consciously integrate the subtle messages and suggestions from Spirit into your daily routine, creating a foundation that supports and sustains your growth.
Be receptive, honor your feelings, and tune into your dreams at this time.  Now matter what changes you’re experiencing, stay positive by using affirmations to transmute old patterns into new ones.
Here are some suggestions for Cancer Full Moon Affirmations or use them as a foundation to create your own:
– I easily flow with change
– I faithfully follow my inner wisdom
– I lovingly nurture myself, my dreams, and my path
– I allow the love within my heart to easily flow and radiate in all direction and this love returns to me multiplied
– My foundation is strong and based in Universal Truth
Embrace changes as they come during the Cancer Full Moon and the rest of the year. What shows up for you around this time is a treasured gift for your growth and evolution.