The Full Moon in Cancer occurs on January 19, 2011 at 1:22 pm PST (4:22 EST).
The moon governs our emotions. The intensity of the full moon heightens our emotions. And our emotions fuel our manifesting.
The full moon in Cancer focuses on our sense of safety and nurturing ourselves and others; while the sun in Capricorn emphasizes taking care of fundamental tasks. It’s the time for balance between career, home, and family.
It’s a time of ending or completion of projects, relationships, or the old way of doing things. It’s a time for forgiveness or to let go of resentments that you’ve been harboring. It’s the perfect time for expansion of ordinary tasks while allowing space for surprising break-throughs.
This particular full moon also trines Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and progressive Uranus. These alignments remind us to move forward with the nudges we receive from the Universe instead of getting stuck in fears or old patterns.
The full moon heightens our emotions and you may feel very sensitive to just about everything and everyone. Be grateful and feel blessed for everything you have in your life.
During this time allow yourself to be nurtured and nurture others; allow yourself to be loved and love others; embrace your true feelings and acknowledge the feelings of others; and tie up loose ends.
This full moon in Cancer is a great time to do something nice for yourself – get a massage, take a relaxing bath, bring beauty into your home, or spend time in meditation – healing and releasing emotional wounds.