The Full Moon in Aries lights up the night sky on September 29 2012 at 11:18pm EDT (7:18pm PDT). The Full Moon in Aries may shake up your world as it may force you to let go of things and people that no longer serve your growth. It brings with it a vibration of war and destruction. This powerful transformation is necessary as we are working towards creative solutions that will ultimately help our individual and collective ability to co-create a different reality.
We are all making great strides in our personal growth. Instead of fearing changes, embrace it and use powerful transitions such as this Full Moon to heal lingering emotional wounds. We must follow the path that helps us reclaim our personal power. This may mean stepping on a few toes. But speaking up for yourself and speaking your truth is the only way you’ll ever empower yourself. The fiery energy of Aries may prompt you to be more assertive (aggressive) than normal. Before you speak, make sure to take a deep breath, gather your thoughts, and speak with compassion.
With the sun in Libra and the moon in Aries we are balancing between cooperation and individual efforts. As we heal and become more balanced within, working together becomes easier because emotions that previously blocked progress are resolved.
The Aries Full Moon is bold and daring. It may infuse you with passion and courage necessary to move you forward. The fiery sign is a purifying energy, burning away the weeds so the new growth can emerge.
On the eve of the Full Moon create a ritual:
1) Make a list of everything you want to release (emotions, patterns, habits, etc).
2) Burn the list- sending the Universe your desires
3) Make a gratitude list
The Full Moon in Aries is full of opportunities to burn through the emotional debris. Take responsibility for your healing and honor what emotions are surfacing at this time instead of fearing them. You’ll feel empowered and move beyond the victim mentality.